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Gamers have been wanting to see more of Mass Effect: Andromeda for a while now, but they've only been receiving small spurts of gameplay snippets here and there. Well, gamers will get to see a whole lot more of Mass Effect: Andromeda a lot sooner than anyone might be expecting.

The official Mass Effect Twitter account posted up the news, revealing that BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda will be present during the Consumer Electronics Show keynote speech hosted by Nvidia on January 4th, 2017, showcasing "gameplay" and "environments".

They link to the Facebook post where it details that next week Nvidia will host the keynote speech at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nvidia will be demonstrating their new technologies for video games, advanced artificial intelligence and their dive into self-driving cars.

It's interesting that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be showcased during Nvidia's keynote. Usually that means that the game will be utilizing some kind of special tech by the product manufacturer. Could they be introducing a new GPU line and demonstrating it on EA and BioWare's upcoming sci-fi space epic?

We do know for sure that the game will be utilizing high-end resolution output for the PS4 Pro and PC versions, targeting 4K. There's still a lot of questions centered around how well Mass Effect: Andromeda will run at 4K, but maybe Nvidia will shed some light on that issue?

Nvidia doesn't just make hardware; they also focus on software. So, technically, we could be seeing Nvidia introducing a new API for PC gaming, or upgrades for their GameWorks suite for home computers. Heck, it might even be something mobile related, given their focus on hopping into the mobile game space.

Regardless of what Nvidia will be showcasing, they've made it known that Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay will be showcased during the keynote. The last trailer gave us a look at some of the dialogue options and ground based combat, along with some of the traveling done with the new rover called the Nomad.

It would be nice to see some solid combat gameplay for once, instead of just the clips and snippets we've been fed. We know that the combat will be an improved version of what was featured in Mass Effect 3, with real-time shootouts and a strong focus on the space magic, but it would be nice to see what the damage output is like on the weapons and just how some of the abilities can be utilized tactically in battle.

Hopefully we'll also get to see what some of the planet traveling and exploration is like as well. Will players get waylaid by enemies at random? Will boss fights be special events? Are there procedurally generated opportunities for players to discover? Hopefully we'll get to find out on January 4th when they reveal the footage. One thing we know for sure that they won't be showcasing is multiplayer co-op. The Twitter account made it known that they're saving that footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda for closer to its release date.

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