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Former Konami poster boy turned independent developer, Hideo Kojima, posted a public message to his loyal fans and followers exiting 2016 and entering into 2017. The message is a positive one and it preps gamers for what's to come.

Hideo Kojima posted up the message on his Twitter account at the end of 2016, spreading a message of hope and prosperity. He explains that 2016 was just a year of preparation for what he has planned on his new journey far and away from Konami.

He acknowledges that his new journey is about starting from "zero" save for the fact that he's starting over with a lot of strong support form the gaming community as he attempts to branch out with a new IP and presumably make Sony a ton of money in doing so.

The second tweet is another "Thank you" from Kojima, as he talks about having a good new year and supporting those dreams and fostering them throughout 2017. Hopefully, this means that we'll get to see a little bit more of Kojima Productions' Death Stranding fostered and cultivated throughout 2017.

So far we've only had some small cinematic snippets to go on, both of which have gone viral since. The first clip featured a beach full of dead animals while a naked Norman Reedus cradled what was seemingly a dead baby in his arms, only for the baby to disappear and small hand prints begin to appear over his body. We then zoom out and see some individuals floating in the air with some tentacles attached to them.

The second cinematic trailer for Death Stranding was as equally symbolic of the first, but also introduced a few more characters into the mix. We find out that there are babies being grown in test tubes, that Guillermo del Toro will appear in the game in some capacity, and that there's an army of psychic, oily squid-like monsters and soldiers roaming about. In one particular segment, we find out that there is a squad being led by actor Mads Mikkelsen, who had the mental telepathy to make his helmet disappear and control the squid-like tendrils.

According to Kojima, Mikkelsen will be the main antagonist for Norman Reedus, but he doesn't exactly say if Mikkelsen will be the main villain. There's a pretty big difference between the two. Gray Fox, the cyber-ninja, was Solid Snake's antagonist in Metal Gear Solid, but also teamed up with him to take on the main bad guy in the game.

We still have no idea what Death Stranding is about, but we do know that Hideo Kojima is fulfilling his dream and bringing his post-Konami aspirations to life in a big way. After the company axed his collaborative project with Reedus and del Toro in the form of Silent Hills, gamers have been eagerly awaiting to see what the video game auteur would come up with next. So with 2016 all wrapped up, we'll get to see Kojima really bring things to life in 2017 as he takes on the next chapter in his gaming career with Kojima Productions.