Blizzard officially unleashed their latest map for their competitive team-based hero shooter, Overwatch. The new map gives gamers an all new way to duke it out in a tropical, futuristic, urban setting.

The new Control map is called Oasis, and its availability was made known through a minute and a half launch trailer over on the Play Overwatch YouTube channel.

The map features a sunset-laden city set in what looks like a Dubai-inspired urban setting. There are some hints about the historical nature of the new Overwatch map, including some temple-style designs with foliage littered across the top and bottom of the structures.

According to the official description, the Oasis city is set within the Arabian desert, hence the palm trees and the dusky atmosphere. An erect tower reaching the horizon's skyline stands tall in the distance, and step-like inclines give the building an architecturally unique look.

The video doesn't venture long on the aesthetics of the map, but at the 18 second mark we get to see how the new Control map looks from the inside, where the camera fly-by goes from the outside of one of the temples, to showcasing what it looks like inside, where it's adorned with modern sensibilities.

Despite Overwatch being nothing more than a team shooter, you would never guess that by the way the interiors are decorated in the Oasis map. The foyer is decadent, with plush sitting couches, an abandoned language carrier, and some paintings lined along the walls.

The upper floor of the temple features a truly magnificent looking boat display, where ancient Arabian aesthetics meet futuristic ergonomics. The fly-by then takes viewers just outside the temple to the courtyard, where the pillars are basked in orange and reddish hues from the sunset kissed lighting. Another one of the temple-like structures gets a quick fly-by as well, where we see how the loggia overlooks a street junction just below.

The new Overwatch map doesn't end there, though. We then get a look inside a classy restaurant where a robot waiter stands at the ready, arms folded, as neatly setup tables with uncomfortable looking chairs fill out the dining hall. Lavish lobbies, and outdoor gazebos help round out the luxury temple venue.

The entire first minute of the trailer focuses on the aesthetic of the Oasis map for Overwatch before actually showcasing the game's control points, which are broken down between yellow and blue sides. We later get a look at a tech lab, before one final snapshot of the giant tower in the stage resting in the background.

This actually isn't the first time we've seen this map in play... as some users who were part of the public test realm were uploading videos of them glitching the Oasis map in Overwatch, attempting to use Sombra to teleport their way up to the top of the tower using the cars on the freeway to break through the barrier. Typical gamers for you.

Anyway, the new map is available right now for those of you who play Overwatch. You can hop into a game on the PC, PS4 or Xbox One right now.

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