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The folks over at Blizzard realize how influential a game series Diablo is. To celebrate the game's 20th birthday, they're offering special promotions in various games and, as of today, we now know that a hidden cow level has been plugged into World of Warcraft.

Up until now, we knew that Blizzard was going to be doing something within World of Warcraft in order to pay tribute to the Diablo series' second decade of existence. Unfortunately, Blizzard was light on the details, only really stating that something special was in the works. It turns out that they were being dodgy on the deets for a reason: The 20th-anniversary celebration in WoW is hidden.

This report comes to us from Gamespot, who stumbled upon a helpful video from the Wowhead YouTube page. According to the post, the Diablo celebration is now up and running across servers in both the UK and the United states, available for all to discover between now and Jan. 11.

The source of the original Cow Level in WoW is attributed, of course, to Reddit, your one-stop shop for all random things. User TimFromTheBeach, who probably lives in the frozen mountains, has provided help on locating the hidden cow level.

At this point, if you are unfamiliar with Diablo lore, then you likely have no idea what all of this nonsense is about. In Diablo II, players could access a hidden room filed with axe-toting cows. Why? Because you're battling the forces of hell, of course. Nothing says hell quite like axe-cows.

In order to access the special cow level in WoW, you'll need to find and murder a treasure goblin. Don't worry, as the little guy probably doesn't have any friends and family that will miss him, you monster. Following your coldhearted sacrifice, you'll gain access to a portal that leads you to a realm populated by killer cows. There's even a Cow King to track down and kill, rewarding the player with an in-game item. Once you use the item, you'll be granted an achievement for "Diablo's 20th Anniversary." Because they really thought all of this Diablo business through, the in-game item is reusable with a cooldown time of 66 minutes and 6 seconds.

For you farmers in the audience, you can find more goblins and keep killing them to open portals. Killing the goblin should reward you with more Diablo-themed items, and the Cow King will drop similar items once a day.

So there you have it, folks. If you want to celebrate Diablo in WoW, then you need to hunt down and kill some treasure goblins and then unleash your fury on hordes of murderous cows. Ah, video games.

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