The Amazon Echo Has An Awesome Mass Effect Easter Egg

Amazon's Echo AI unit -- a sort of multimedia device that doubles as a shopping tool -- responds to voice commands. During a few tests with the device, some quidnunc gamers found out that the Amazon Echo has an awesome Mass Effect Easter Egg tucked inside.

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Eurogamer recently reported on the find, but the demonstration of the Mass Effect Easter Egg was posted up by Twitter user The Albion Girl.

The discovery was corroborated by other users over on Reddit, who have been fiddling around with asking the AI various questions, including cross-referencing the response with other AI such as Cortana and Siri. One person posted a funny anecdote about querying Siri about the possibility of having a soul and Siri allegedly told them that she wasn't permitted to "discuss" her "existential state", following a search result for fences.

The entire thread on Reddit centers around asking the AI various questions about existentialism, but spawned from the simple Easter Egg based around a question that originally came from Mass Effect 3.

If users ask the Echo unit "Does this unit have a soul?" the device responds with "Keelah se'lai". Eurogamer explains that the question is asked in Mass Effect 3 by the geth unit that joined your team in Mass Effect 2. The question is posed to Tali, part of the race who created the geth. It takes place after destroying the Reaper hivemind that controlled the geth. One of the units that was rescued and attained individual sentience, named Legion, asks Tali "Do you remember the question that caused the creators to attack us, Tali'Zorah? [...] Does this unit have a soul?"

Players are then given a choice to either destroy the geth or strengthen their forces by attempting to give the rest of the geth freedom of choice by uploading the code to their collective network. After a lengthy speech from Shepard about ending the war with the geth and vying for peace, Shepard says "Keelah se'lai".

There were some tough choices to be made throughout the Mass Effect series and that was definitely one of them, especially given how dangerous the geth were and the dangers they posed to many other races throughout the galaxy.

If you forgot what the scene was like from Mass Effect 3 or you've never seen it and need some context to understand the Amazon Echo Easter Egg, you can check out the video below uploaded by snaki89.

It's interesting that there are some Mass Effect Easter Eggs tucked away inside of an Amazon device. It just goes to show how far-reaching BioWare's sci-fi RPG really is. I'm also curious if there is a Halo reference in there somewhere? A decade ago that series used to be huge.

The Amazon Echo is available right now for $179.99. I don't know if it's worth paying nearly $200 just to hear a Mass Effect Easter Egg, though.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.