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Guitar Hero Live Developer Has Been Purchased By Ubisoft, Get The Details

Guitar hero Live

FreeStyleGames, makers of Guitar Hero Live, have officially been purchased by Ubisoft. No need to worry, though, as their former publisher has announced that the beat will go on.

Along with Guitar Hero Live, the team at FreeStyleGames has found a niche in the music genre. Their other projects revolved around DJ Hero, so we imagine they'll continue to work on something with a backbeat in the coming years while under the Ubisoft umbrella. This news comes to us from Eurogamer, who is reporting that while FreeStyleGames has been purchased from Activision, their former publisher is reporting plans to continue supporting Guitar Hero Live.

If you're having trouble recalling Guitar Hero Live, you're not alone. While the game apparently has a diehard audience of faithfuls, it launched back in 2015 to lukewarm market reception. As the original post points out, it hit the scene in direct competition with Rock Band 4, which has also floundered around in the sales department.

Despite that fact, Guitar Hero Live still has content coming out on a regular basis and, as mentioned above, Activision plans to keep that train a-rolling despite the exit of the title's development team.

Now that they've been picked up by Ubisoft, the studio has been renamed Ubisoft Leamington and will start off by working hand-in-hand with Ubisoft Reflections. They'll likely be adding some extra manpower to projects like The Division for a while, but we'd be interested to see what comes from them when they're allowed to get cracking on their own game. Again, with their musical background, we suspect Ubisoft might be tooling around with adding another rhythm game to their catalog. They've made Just Dance a hit, so it would be interesting to see what else they might offer fans of the music genre.

Then again, maybe the team formerly known as FreeStyle will take this opportunity to head out in a bold and daring new direction, like a first-person shooter...controlled with a guitar peripheral.

In a recent post on the Ubisoft blog, the publisher reiterated the fact that Activision will continue to maintain the Guitar Hero Live and the Guitar Hero TV platform, saying they will continue to provide content and services for the UK games industry. No word yet, though, on what Ubisoft's new studio will actually be working on now that they are no longer tethered to Guitar Hero.

Either way, we wish them the best of luck. It seems like we can't go two weeks these days without hearing about a studio being shuttered, especially when they're a smaller group working under a larger publisher. A purchase from Ubisoft will likely mean a seamless transition for the team into new projects, and we're always for folks working in the games industry, you know, continuing to work in the games industry.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.