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The Division

It's hard to believe that it's nearly been a year since Ubisoft launched their third-person MMO, The Division. Well, they've maintained a steady output of new content for the game, and they recently detailed what's coming in the next expansion pack.

In update 1.6, entitled Last Stand, The Division will see various Agents on the prowl to capture important tactical info from the open-PvP area known as the Dark Zone. The new expansion will be free for those who have the Season Pass and will be a separate DLC purchase for those who don't.

The new update featuring the DLC will implement the Last Stand mode into the Dark Zone area. This mode is an 8-vs-8 PvPvE mode where two teams of four will join together to face off against two other teams of four. There will be enemey AI roaming the streets as both teams attempt to commandeer the intel by capturing terminals scattered around the Dark Zone. It sounds like Ubisoft may be taking some hints and clues from 343 Industries and Halo 5's Warzone mode... just without the vehicles.

There's more to The Division's new Last Stand update than just the game mode itself. There's also new expansions coming to the map so players will have additional areas to explore and lot, as well as additional quests to make use of the expanded map. I mean, what's the point of a bigger map if you aren't going to be questing in those new parts, right? Well, in addition to new events and a larger map, they're also including new exotic weapons to the fold and an all new difficulty setting known as Legendary mode.

In the press release they explain that the new Dark Zone areas will make sectors 7, 8 and 9 explorable, along with facing off against new NPCs. One of the other things they mention is that those sectors are some of the most "eerie" in the game. I'm not exactly sure what they mean by that but I'm sure we'll find out once update 1.6 becomes available.

The Division started off with a bang last year thanks to a strong hype machine put into place by Ubisoft. The E3 promotional videos in prior years helped get a lot of gamers amped up for the third-person MMO shooter's release, but frequent downgrades and samey gameplay left a lot of gamers embittered and disinterested after they finally got a chance to play it.

Undisturbed by the anti-hype machine, Ubisoft has consistently and thoroughly put in the work and effort to keep The Division running pristine. While the game has been called a bullet-sponge grindfest, Ubisoft has rolled out updates frequently enough with new maps, enemies, quests, weapons, loot and level-caps to keep some gamers interested. It's been described by some as as a modern day, urban-themed rendition of Borderlands.

For gamers who aren't quite so fond of the bullet-sponge gameplay found in The Division, there's no amount of maps and loot that can be made available that will change their minds. However, for gamers willing to keep diving back into the survival-shooter, a new mode, some new events, new loot and new enemies might be everything needed to draw those gamers back in. You can learn more about update 1.6 by visiting the Division website.

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