Coming off a strong showing (and sales) of their game Inside, Playdead Studios have already begun work on their next title. The Limbo developers even took some time out of the day to give gamers a glimpse at what they're working on.

Playdead doesn't beat around the bush. They make it known that they're already following up on the success of Inside with a brand new game. They posted up a single screen grab on their Twitter account.

The image shows a comet plummeting toward the Earth from space. Alternatively it could be a piece of space debris or a damaged ship descending from the heavens. It's hard to tell, other than that it's flaming and glowing and pieces of burning ember are flying and sparkling off the edges. Trails of smoke follow the descent of the fiery comet, streaking the sky with unmistakable black smoke.

The dark sky is lit up by the fiery display. Watching from below is a pilot. The mysterious figure ascends the sandy mound while keeping focused on the falling object. Rocks decorate the sides and cleft of the sandy dune; a flat edged rock sits atop the mound near the right hand corner of the screen structured to look over the pebbles and smaller rocks beneath it like an inanimate parent.

The interesting thing about the pilot in the photo is that there's a parachute attached. This could mean that the traveler bailed out and is now looking at their ride fall from the heavens into a blazing heap, or they're part of a completely different expedition.

The image is extremely mysterious yet intriguing. Others in the Twitter thread noted the similarities between Inside's first promo image and this new game's image, mostly in regards to the character being in some kind of strange situation that wasn't easily identifiable. One big difference is the symmetrical structure of everything in the image that Playdead shared. There's a structural perspective in the depiction of the pilot, the comet, the sand dune and the rock formations. Whether or not that has anything to do with the game remains to be seen.

Playdead originally hit it big with the Xbox Live Arcade title Limbo seven years ago. The game went on to release on PC, PS3 and PS4, along with mobile devices.

Limbo won lots of awards for its grim depiction of a minimalist, almost nihilistic journey of a young boy looking for his sister. The game was heralded for its stark depiction of violent encounters with the inhabitants within the world, as well as its symbolic narrative pushing gamers along. Playdead raised the stakes even higher with Inside, a visually compelling game that covered the topic of brainwashing, fringe science, modern day slavery and a contemporary look at what it means to be a zombie.

People are already quite excited about what the company could be doing with this new game, but we'll have to wait to get a name, a release date and what platforms they plan to launch the game on.

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