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Activision and Infinity Ward released a new trailer for the upcoming DLC for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It centers on the zombie mode for the game, featuring everything that was right, and wrong, with the 1990s... including a popular niche director from the '90s who makes an appearance in the game.

The trailer went live recently over on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. It features a look at the four playable characters in the game, all themed after bad 1990s caricatures, from nerdy high-school hipsters to alternate rock band members to gangsters, there's a little bit of something in there for everyone who grew up watching films in the '90s. There's even a cameo from popular '90s director, Kevin Smith.

Part of the theme seems to be a bleed-over effect from Infinity Ward's caricature of the 1980s, which was a prominent motif in their last Infinite Warfare zombie map, Zombies In Spaceland. The previous map was based around a zombie-filled amusement park, full of flashing lights and neon signs that one might find in the era of excess.

The new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare map is called Rave in the Redwoods and has a serious Cabin in the Woods vibe to it. Fans of old slasher flicks like Friday The 13th will easily recognize the similarities.

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The zombies flood into the maps as usual, but this time around there are sub-bosses that will hop in that mirror some of the frightful monster villains from those 1990s horror flicks. Technically, the 1990s wasn't so much about teen slashers as it was about urban legend slashers. Stuff like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Urban Legend, Scream and The Ring turned the general concept of horror on its head. The Call of Duty map still seems to take more cues from the '80s than the '90s in that regards.

However, the whole gang motif was huge in the 1990s and that seems to be captured well through the characters. The developers also seem to have put some dedication into capturing the whole 1990s rave scene in all its glowing loudness.

Much like the Zombies in Spaceland map that featured celebrity David Hasselhoff (who seemed like he was a lot bigger in the '90s than in the '80s, but oh well), the Rave in the Redwoods has a cameo from director and actor, Kevin Smith. The director definitely made a name to for himself with films like Chasing Amy, Mall Rats and Dogma during the '90s. I do wonder if they'll have references to some of Smith's films in the map?

It's kind of tough to tell exactly how much of the '90s themes will make their way into the Call of Duty map. Another popular theme from back then was the after school specials; I wonder if that stuff is going to make an appearance in the map in some way?

Gamers will be able to get their hands on the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare map first on PS4 starting January 31st as part of the Sabotage DLC map pack.