Every character in Overwatch has their ups and downs. A lot of people use a lot of different characters for a lot of different reasons, but one character in particular has been shafted by the community in a large way. Well, Blizzard has plans on adjusting the character so they can win back some love.

Over on the Battle.net forums principal designer Geoff Goodman made a post explaining that they'll be making some changes to Bastion. This was in response to a user who started a thread with the title "Can the developers address Bastion?" the issue was that Bastion hasn't received any buffing love since he was heavily nerfed during the beta.

The user laments how the Overwatch hero is big, slow, an easy target and has no way to defend himself or avoid being quickly dispensed of by expert players. They describe Bastion as being in a "pretty bad spot." The biggest issue was that he no longer has a shield to defend himself and he becomes a stationary target when in turret mode.

Bastion's debuffs came in light of him being over-powered during the beta of Overwatch. It was no secret that the character was one of the most popular during the beta phase due to being hard to kill and being able to wipe out entire teams quickly. Blizzard was quick to nerf the tank into oblivion, making him one of the most useless characters to play.

In fact, according to the Overbuff statistics, which tracks the most popular and played characters in Overwatch, Bastion is in the bottom three as one of the least played characters. He's second to last next to Sombra. I'm not exactly sure why Sombra is so low on the list, but Winston is also in the bottom three. I think Winston's ranking is worse than Sombra, only because she's a new character in Overwatch and only recently went live for everyone, so it's going to take some time for her stats to normalize compared to the other characters on the list who have been available a lot longer.

So what is Blizzard planning on doing to fix Bastion? Well, we don't know. Geoff Goodman responded to the post explaining that they will be making changes to the robot, but they don't know when those changes will be available in the live game. They're still "testing different things internally".

So what's the average time frame between testing internally and getting the new and improved Bastion up and out to the general Overwatch gaming community? Well, we don't know.

Typically when they make changes, introduce a new map or add a new character the iterative process makes a stop at the Public Test Realm before being released to everyone else. The PTR phase can range between a week up to a month, depending on what's being tested and how it's being implemented. If the changes to Bastion are slight, then you can expect to see him in the PTR very soon. If the changes to Bastion are major, then expect more internal testing before he arrives in the PTR.

Goodman doesn't say exactly how big or significant these changes are, only noting that they are working on "some changes", so gamers will have to wait for the Overwatch changelog before they can see just how much of a change he's undergone.

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