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The Coalition is continuing to update and promote Gears of War 4 with brand new content, even when it's centered around content for Valentine's Day. Their latest update features some new goodies that will surely bring people together for the romantic holiday occasion.

Gamespot caught wind of the tweet that was recently sent out indicating that there's a new mode called Cupid Torque Bow Tag, and it sees players getting a hold of a pink Torque Bow that shoots enemies and creates glowing pink hearts when they're hit. Upon exploding, an outpouring of hearts spills out from the target.

It's an inventive little update to help lure people into the team deathmatch modes, which is specifically what the Cupid Torque Bow Tag is designed for. Some gamers became a little bit annoyed at the fact that the Cupid Tag wasn't featured in Horde or other modes within Gears of War 4, but all the same it was designed to help get gamers playing over the weekend and maybe even develop a special bond with the people they play with.

The Cupid Torque Bow Tag will only be around up until February 20th, so be sure to get in your game time and enjoy the mode while it's available. But even if you have plans for Valentine's Day, which is February 14th, and you happen to miss out on the mod next week, you can still play the new Gears of War 4 feature for the remainder of the week after Valentine's Day ends.

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But that's not all: The Coalition also has a Mystery Gear Pack that will be available just up until before Valentine's Day, which you can grab right now for $5 or by spending 2,000 credits before February 13th. The Mystery Gear Pack is a five-card pack that could result in you earning a Gearsmas weapon skin based on the Christmas holiday event, a Gary Carmine playable character and a 10th anniversary weapon pack, Onyx Gold characters and weapon skins and the UIR Elite and UIR character weapons and skin packs.

The Mystery Gear Pack for Gears of War 4 is fairly extensive, and some fans even dropped into the comment section of the Gamespot article to thank The Coalition for their contributions to the series, and that they're having a blast with the Valentine's Day stuff.

Gears of War 4 is the first standalone game from The Coalition as they picked up the development helm from Epic Games and People Can Fly. They'll be headlining development on the future Gears of War games and continue the story where the last game left off. We have no idea when the next game will arrive, but in the meantime they're pumping a lot of time and energy into making sure that they can grow and expand the multiplayer aspects.

Remember, you only have until February 13th to get the Mystery Gear Pack in Gears of War 4 and you have up until February 20th to get in on the Cupid Torque Bow Tag.

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