The Forza Motorsport series continues to go strong and, based on a recent milestone the popular racing series hit, it doesn't appear that a finish line is anywhere in site.

We knew that the Forza brand, including the Motorsport and Horizon series, was one of the most successful exclusive properties for Xbox consoles, but sometimes it's easier to understand that kind of success when a number is tied to it. How about a billion? As in, the Forza franchise has now raked in a billion dollars in retail sales.

In case this needs further explanation, a billion dollars is how much money diabolical villains are known to hold the entire world ransom for, so it's no small feat when a game series earns that much scratch over the course of a few years. This news comes to us via the Xbox Wire, where they're reporting that the Forza series has definitely enjoyed a successful life on Microsoft consoles so far. That figure was accurate as of December 2016, so it's likely crawled even higher here in these opening months of 2017.

The original story had some other impressive stats being thrown around, including the fact that, as of this past holiday season, the Forza series had reached more than 14 million unique players across its community on both the Xbox One and Windows 10. Forza Horizon 3 alone sold 2.5 million copies as of this past December, making it the biggest-selling racing game of the current generation, based on NPD group findings.

As for the strength of the Forza community, the Racing Championship online competition, which is basically the eSport league for the racing series, pulled in more than three million competitors each month, meaning the game has consistently brought players back for more and more. Those folks are competing for online bragging rights and actual prizes, too, so it's safe to say virtual racers take their Forza careers pretty seriously.

The announcement wraps up with a nice quote from Xbox head Phil Spencer, who said that the team at Microsoft could not be more proud of the Forza series' continued success. Finally, there's a little tease for what fans can expect out of 2017. No specifics were given, but, apparently, you virtual gearheads should be on the lookout for big news sometime in the coming months.

What's most surprising about this is that, with Forza doing so well, we haven't really seen an influx of racing games like you would see with just about any other genre that hits a decent stride. Racing games, for the most part, have been pretty quiet this past half-decade. Maybe the quality and success of Forza has kept challengers at bay? Either way, it doesn't look like the series is slowing down anytime soon.

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