Watch Dogs 3 Clues

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has become quite the franchise. It's not quite up there with Grand Theft Auto but it's managed to find its own audience in the open-world sub-genre. Well, news has broken on where the publisher may be taking the series next.

According to IGN, Ubisoft is looking at setting Watch Dogs in London, England. It turns out that Watch Dogs 2 recently received a new ending cutscene after you complete the game, following the release of the new 10GB patch for home consoles and PC.

In the patch, it not only opens up a new ending, but additional cooperative opportunities, giving players more reason to dive back into Watch Dogs 2. As players took their time researching and combing through the content -- and 10GB is a really large download; for perspective that's 1GB short of Saints Row 2's total installation files -- they discovered an ending that features two men talking. What are they talking about? Well, after the standard Dedsec propaganda message ends, there's a recording of two men talking about making a call after the Dedsec group goes "global," IGN points out that the coordinates where the message is coming from is located in the Brixton area of London.

You can actually see the clip for yourself and listen to the recording to get an understanding of what the ending is about, courtesy of YouTube user Frenzy.

After the 2:16 mark the two men talk about stomping out Dedsec's uprising. What's really interesting is that if you click through the video and read the comment section on the page, some of the users point out something that a lot of people may have missed: Ubisoft could be teasing a Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed crossover.

One commenter points out that Assassin's Creed: Syndicate was set in London, which also happened to be where Edward Kenway's family from Assassin's Creed IV was also located. The coordinates pointing to London is what some assume could be an Abstergo headquarters, one of the main groups featured in the Assassin's Creed franchise. It's not that much of a stretch when you think about it, especially since the Blume corporation took a dive after Marcus and the crew at Dedsec were done destroying it, thus leading to some gamers theorizing that Abstergo might step in to purchase Blume and attempt to shut down Dedsec.

IGN hypothesizes that it could be one of two things: a brand new expansion city set in London, England for Watch Dogs 2. A 10GB patch could be big enough to add a whole new area to the game, such as a new location, or at least the foundations for a new location, given that there would likely need to be another large patch for all the British-sounding NPCs. The other alternative is that they believe it could be groundwork being laid for Watch Dogs 3, in which Ubisoft could be prepping to send gamers overseas for the first time in the series with a brand new game.

Gamers will likely continue sifting through the latest patch looking for new goodies and Easter Eggs as they wait to find out what Ubisoft has in store.