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Usually Honest Trailers for games appear a couple of weeks after release, but, this time around, the Honest Trailer for Rebellion's Sniper Elite 4 came a little early. In fact, it arrived the day that the game released.

The four minute video made its way onto Smosh Games' YouTube channel, where viewers were able to get the lowdown on Sniper Elite 4.

The video starts by first reminding gamers about Rebellion's history with Aliens Vs Predator games, which is where they first gained a lot of their popularity during the early 2000s.

The Honest Trailer then moves on to talk about how pretty Italy looks in Sniper Elite 4, despite all the Nazis occupying the idyllic countryside. The trailer takes digs at the game's juxtaposition between being a serious World War II shooter and focusing a good deal of the gameplay on the X-Ray kill-cams that the Sniper Elite series has become renown for.

Hilariously enough, they note that you see so many skeletons getting obliterated that you'll be convinced that you're playing the old Wolfenstein from the mid-2000s.

Another thing they talk about is how "everything explodes." They mention how players will attempt to meticulously approach each mission with expert planning, not unlike the Hitman games, but one mistake can send the entire thing tumbling into chaos and turmoil. The big difference is that in Hitman you can kill a guy, take his clothes, hide the body and lower the alerts. You don't have access to such pleasantries in Sniper Elite 4.

I was waiting for the Honest Trailer to finally make the comparison between Rebellion's third-person shooter and NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat X, and they didn't disappoint. Both games make thorough use of the X-Ray cams, but instead of just crushing bones and breaking spleens like in Mortal Kombat X, all the deaths in Sniper Elite 4 are tailor made for where the bullet, shrapnel or explosive hits their body part. This results in getting some crazy scenes that involve jaw bones being shattered, testicles being ruptured, livers being punctured, and brains being splattered. That's not even a joke.

The Honest Trailer rounds out by examining the game's purely niche multiplayer, where players who enjoy sitting on rooftops for hours will be able to snipe and take out opponents as they attempt to make their way around the map.

The multiplayer in Sniper Elite games always came across as tedious to me, but apparently a lot of gamers absolutely love it. The zombie mode in the previous title that preceded Sniper Elite 4 seemed to offer a more well-rounded experience for people who didn't just like sitting and sniping on rooftops all day long, but the whole zombie thing is worn out anyway.

Sniper Elite 4 is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game does sport a large-scale, single-player campaign, cooperative modes and the PvP that was mentioned in the Honest Trailer.

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