Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs 2 runs across rooftop

The post-launch content continues to roll out for Watch Dogs 2, with Ubisoft releasing details on what fans can expect out of the next big DLC pack. It turns out that biotech will be a big focus this time around.

According to the Ubiblog, the DLC is called "Human Conditions," and it will be available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Watch Dogs 2 come Feb. 21. February has turned out to be uncharacteristically busy for the games industry, but we imagine series fans will have little trouble carving out some additional time for hacking, bringing down megacorporations and the like.

According to the announcement, the new DLC will add three multi-mission story Operations to the Watch Dogs 2 campaign, giving Marcus Holloway and the members of DedSec some new targets to track down. In case that wasn't clear enough, these are fully-fledged missions complete with cutscenes and the like, not just some points that pop up on the map with extra activities for you to dive into.

The post goes on to promise that these new Watch Dogs 2 missions will also take players to some new locations in the city, as well as offer some unique challenges for everyone to tackle. All told, Gamespot has noted that the missions should take around five hours to complete.

If you can't wait until next Tuesday for additional details, here's a preview video Ubisoft has put together for the Human Conditions DLC.

The report goes on to break things down a bit further. These cooperative missions will boast some optional objectives for players to tackle while running through the main plot points, as well as a new enemy type they're calling a "Jammer." As you might have guessed from the DLC's name, these Jammers are augmented with some high-tech gadgetry that disables your ability to hack within their vicinity. Hopefully they aren't also impervious to bullets or, you know, getting run over by a car.

The three new missions are called Automata, Bad Medicine and Caustic Progress, which will feature the DedSec crew going after online powerhouses like Nudle, as well as folks who are basically using their power to hold hospitals ransom. Again, you're basically Robin Hood of the future in Watch Dogs 2, so individuals and organizations who swindle an unsuspecting public usually earn a visit from you and your hacking cohorts.

So, now that we've got those details out of the way, we'd be interested in hearing from our readers who have been keeping up with Watch Dogs 2 on the regular. How's the community these days? Anything in the new DLC you're really looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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