Everyone in the Overwatch community have been going completely bonkers trying to figure out who the new characters is for Blizzard's popular hero-shooter. There were long-standing rumors that Doomfist was originally going to be making his way into the game, but new info hints at a completely different character.

Over on the official Overwatch Twitter they posted up an image showcasing OR15 defense units being obliterated in Dragon Ball Z fashion by an unknown assailant.

You can see in the photo that one of the soldiers is jammed into the wall as if he were punched in the gut by Vegeta. The wall around him is completely broken and indented from the impact. Two other soldiers are laying on the ground on either side, looking as if one of the soldiers hit the monitor up above before falling to the ground.

Two more soldiers in the foreground are also completely destroyed, leading to the assumption that whoever the new character is truly is a force to be reckoned with.

According to Gamespot, the new character may be the creation of another character within the Overwatch universe who is an 11-year-old prodigy named Efi Oladele. Some super sleuths noticed that concept art that was previously released hinted at Efi going on an airplane ride and they also tied that airport to the one featured in the breaking news image above where the soldiers have been destroyed.

More sleuthing done by the French arm of Tom's Hardware revealed that some users on the chan boards have been piecing together bits of information, and believe that the newest hero in Overwatch will be Efi's robotic creation: a hybrid Omni robot named Anchora. This female Omni would supposedly work in the same way that Reinhardt does, being able to tank hits and cause a lot of destruction on the battlefield. This would tie well into the other image above where the soldiers have been crushed by an, obviously, very powerful being.

While this might seem kind of far-fetched and like some kind of fandom theory, there is actually a basis for that speculation. As pointed out in yet another Gamespot article, where we can see a brief clip of concept art showing a four-legged female Omni robot in the background doing battle against other Overwatch heroes. The alleged Anchora can be seen shooting a neon purple laser along the ground while small robot spiderlings crawl around her. Her body is suspended in the air, attached to a spider-mech harness that moves her around.

This seems to be the general direction that the team at Blizzard is moving in as far as a new hero is concerned. Previously, game director Jeff Kaplan had mentioned that the newest addition to the Overwatch roster would not be what people expected. Everyone was previously expecting Doomfist, so this would definitely be a huge divergence from that character if Anchora turns out to be real.

We'll have to wait for Blizzard to actually make the announcement, but, for now, a lot of people are seemingly excited about this new Overwatch character.

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