BioWare released yet another new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, this time covering the expansive galaxy that players will be able to explore, and the various planets that they will be able to land on.

The new trailer, the third part in the ongoing series of promotional demonstrations highlighting the gameplay and mechanics of Mass Effect: Andromeda, was posted up on the official Mass Effect Youtube channel.

The video is nearly five and a half minutes long, focusing solely on how the exploration works, what the scouting is like, and how it all ties into the larger picture of the Andromeda Initiative.

The video starts off by explaining that there are about 100 different locations to explore in Mass Effect: Andromeda, from the wreckage of a ship drifting on the outer reaches of an asteroid belt, to discovering new resources on an uninhabitable planet that only droids can scout. There's a lot of different moons, galaxy pockets and planets to explore. However, they mention in the video that only a handful of those planets can actually be landed on and allow players to walk around.

The one planet they demonstrate in the video above is occupied by Krogans. It's possible that players can establish an outpost on the planet and colonize it, but a certain affinity percentage must be acquired before doing so. This means players have to complete missions to help the residents, or clear out a set number of hostile forces in order to make it viable for an outpost. Once the outpost is set down, then a bonus will be gifted to the Nexus, where the human colonists are located, and players will be able to boost their stats by unlocking more colonists and sending them to the planet's surface.

They don't mention if the humans will actually show up and walk around, but it would be cool if they did.

The video also mentions another new feature in Mass Effect: Andromeda that some people didn't know existed: a forward operating station. You can call down the pods and use them to resupply your equipment or respawn the Nomad if you happen to lose at some point in your travels.

On the subject of the Nomad... you can upgrade it and acquire new equipment to make it more terrain-friendly. Additionally, you can freely explore the planet and drive where you please with it.

Some of the planets will be colony-based while others will be focused on challenges. For instance, they explain in the video that there's a planet where you'll be doing a lot of fighting and platforming. Some planets will be more about establishing diplomacy. It is disappointing, however, to find out that only a handful of planets in Mass Effect: Andromeda can be landed on, but it is what it is.

You can look for the new Mass Effect title to launch for the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC starting March 21st.

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