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Sega and Relic Entertainment released a new trailer for Dawn of War III, the Warhammer 40,000 title based on Games Workshop's iconic franchise. The trailer is short and snappy but it also reveals the game's highly awaited release date for PC.

The trailer is only 34 seconds long and was posted up over on the Dawn of War YouTube channel. It reveals that Dawn of War III will release on April 27th for PC. The trailer also contains a look at special skins available for those who pre-order the game. This includes a Terminator class mech featuring Dark Queen Solaria, an Orc Mek featuring Morkanaut Big Kustom, and a skin for the Eldar's Ghost Seer Taldeer.

The skin pack news did not go over so well with the gaming audience. A lot of people were angry about the skins being pre-order bonuses, as well as the fact that Sega and Relic Entertainment are advertising DLC ahead of the game's release next month.

Some people argued that artists need something to do once all the basic art assets were complete, so they worked on additional skins. Of course, the common question arises: if the skins are already complete, then why didn't they just include the skins into the game as unlockable content?

Some people argued that the additional work from the artists required additional pay, and therefore the Dawn of War III content had to be sold separately. This was a bit inconsistent with comments made by others, who claimed that the skins may be pre-order bonuses, but a lot of the skins can be earned by playing the game.

Even though the comments are filled with a lot of defense for Relic Entertainment and Sega, the general audience was not pleased with the announcement of DLC ahead of the game's launch and downvoted the new Dawn of War trailer. It's obviously not quite like the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare announcement trailer, which was downvoted into oblivion given that people were tired of the franchise being stuck on the sci-fi gimmick, in which they became future-warfare fatigued.

Unlike Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the new Dawn of War has been consistently receiving a lot of attention and positive feedback. Only, this most recent trailer has been pelted with a lot of discontent due to the announcement of the pre-release DLC.

A lot of gamers prefer when DLC is actually made after a game is released. This all came to a head with the disc-locked content on Street Fighter X Tekken's disc, which contained tons of DLC that was already stored on disc. Capcom had announced thereafter that they wouldn't be using disc-locked content to deliver DLC anymore, and other publishers followed suit. However, most gamers suspected that this meant that they simply wouldn't package the DLC onto the actual disc but it likely meant that the content was still stripped from the main game, which was discovered to have been the case with Mass Effect 3's day-one DLC after modders pried the content open, along with Deep Silver's Risen 2, which also attempted to hide DLC on the game's disc.

Hopefully the DLC for Dawn of War III isn't so pervasive that it detracts from the gameplay experience. Some people are willing to overlook the pre-order DLC skins just so long as they can get their hands on the actual game come April 27th.

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