Quake Champions Beta Sign-Up

Bethesda Softworks hasn't forgotten about Quake Champions. The game was originally introduced back at E3 last year, but not much has been shown or discussed regarding the game... until now. Bethesda has opened up registration for the Quake Champions closed beta.

So how do you sign-up? Well, it's pretty easy: Polygon is reporting that all you have to do is head on over to the official Quake.Bethesda website and click on the big red "Beta Sign Up" button.

From there you'll have to input your email address, country of residence, and check off that you're 18 years of age or older. That's it. You're now signed up and registered for the closed beta of Quake Champions.

The beta will begin in the next few weeks, but an actual date hasn't been set. They also don't show the system requirements, but for those who are selected to participate, it's very likely they will roll out the basic requirements you'll need to dive into the game.

Polygon points out that it's been a decade since the last Quake entry, which was Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Before that was Quake 4, which came out two years before Enemy Territory in 2005.

Quake 4 was a departure from the typical Quake formula, and actually worked as a sequel and continuation to the Strogg story presented in Quake 2. For Quake Champions, Bethesda and id Software have decided to go back to the basics by focusing on a true arena shooter.

It's really hard to tell how well this game will do when a bunch of other arena-style shooters have also recently come out or are in some form of closed or public testing. We have the new Unreal from Epic Games, there's Overwatch, there's Mirage: Arcane Warfare and even Battleborn to a lesser extent.

The real appeal for something like Quake Champions will be in its promise and appeal to high-end, fast-paced, unadulterated arena combat action. The game is promising specs of 120Hz at 4K. So this is going to be a gamer's game, through and through. In fact, they even showcased some of the closed beta footage in a new 30-second teaser trailer showing how smooth the gameplay is and what gamers can expect from the upcoming arena shooter.

Just taking one look at the trailer and then browsing the comments shows that Bethesda is definitely on the right track.

A lot of gamers are speculating about what sort of system specifications they'll need to run Quake at 1440p and 144Hz. Others are a little concerned that the high-end specs might push the game out of contention for being a top-tier eSports title and could alienate the casual gaming audience. However, Quake is what really put competitive FPS games on the eSports map back in the 1990s, and it was pushing the limits and boundaries of technical specs way back in the day... so it would make sense that id Software is trying regain the luster of the IP with Quake Champions.

All you need to do now after signing up for the beta is keeping an eye out for an email confirming your participation in the closed beta.

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