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Assassin's Creed trailer

Ubisoft took 2016 off from their annualized franchise Assassin's Creed. However, since we don't expect them to be gone for all that long, a new game is likely on the way, and we have a rumor about where it might take place. While the prevailing rumor has been that the next game will take place in Ancient Egypt, new information is claiming that the game will actually take place in another classic(al) location, Greece.

These details come to CinemaBlend via a source who prefers to remain anonymous, which means that it's difficult to substantiate the claim, though the source of the information would be one that knows if accurate. While the contradiction of previous reports might give us pause, it's not hard to believe that Greece could be the true location. Its geography, and relevant historical era, isn't that far removed from Egypt. In fact, the two cultures intermingled at various points in history. It's even possible that both Egypt and Greece could be locations for the game. Previous titles have moved between multiple large cities so if the game takes place say, during the reign of Alexander the Great, both locations could be important to the game.

It's been over a year since the initial report that the next full A\_ssassin's Creed_ game, under the working title Assassin's Creed: Empire was rumored to be taking place in Egypt. Even then Greece was part of the conversation as the rumor included the idea that the Empires would be the first part of a new trilogy which seemed to imply that future games taking place in Greece or Rome could come along later. It's quite possible that there's more than one Assassin's Creed game currently in development, if there are plans to go back to an annualized schedule there would almost certainly need to be, so it's possible that an Ancient Greece based game could be underway, even if it isn't the next game in the series. However, if our source is to be believed then it could be the Greece game is the next one, perhaps with an Egyptian game following it.

Ubisoft has pretty much gone radio silent regarding the new Assassin's Creed since they announced 2016 wouldn't see a new game in the series. At this point, we assume that we'll see a new game during the fourth quarter of this year, but nothing has been officially announced. The last time a new AC game was announced, it was done in May 2015, prior to the release of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate later that same year. By that metric, we would guess that an announcement will be forthcoming sometime between now and E3 if a new title is in fact on the way.

Which Assassin's Creed game would you like to see next, Egypt or Greece? Let us know in the comments below.