Harmonix is already looking forward to their next big music gig following up on their success with Rock Band and their latest Rock Band VR endeavors. Their newest project is a bit of a divergence from what you might be expecting, though.

Game Informer did a quick rundown on the new game from Harmonix and Hasbro called DropMix. It's still a music game... but it's also a card game.

The hook for DropMix is that it's card game/board game that also connects to mobile devices through an app. You place the smartphone at the end of the board, and will keep track of the points for the two teams playing against each other.

The game will feature music from popular artists ranging from Bruno Mars to Ed Sheeran. The DropMix will also support multiple music genres ranging from contemporary rock, classic rock and R&B to alternative rock, pop and punk.

So how do you play a card game on an electronic board with a smartphone attached? Well, DropMix supports both 1-vs-1 and 2-vs-2 matches, and the objective is to collect cards in your deck and use the cards to create unique mixing tunes to rack up points. You can play as a team or in single versus modes either offline locally or online.

Gamers can stack cards of the same color, even if they're from different genres. The cards will all be from different music genres, so you can combine a classic rock song with an indie pop song and it will change the melody. The opponent's task is to mix and match music to create a sound racks up more points.

So how does the board work and how does the music get all mixed and matched up? Well, it's based on an NFC reader, just like with the Wii U and the Amiibo. Each of the cards have a chip inside so that they can be read by the board.

Due to the NFC reader, this will allow Harmonix to create more card decks and keep the game expanding with its offerings.

The only drawback, however, is that while the app for smartphones is free, the DropMix board and card set will cost $99.99. The base pack will come with 60 different cards, and additional playlist packs will come with 15 cards for $19.99. You can also pick up Discover Cards, which will contain five cards for $4.99.

They're gunning for a September release of DropMix, so it will be well out of the way of Rock Band VR and any other DLC they plan to drop for the game.

When talking about toy-to-life genres you're talking about a real big gamble. Disney decided to step out of the field, and Activision scaled back on the Skylanders. Attempting to go the CCG route with a tabletop style toy that ties into a smartphone might work, but $99.99 is a pretty big commitment they're hoping for from consumers for DropMix.

Even still, Harmonix and Hasbro have already scheduled to pump out at least 300 cards for the hybrid game by the end of 2017.

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