Harmonix is still rocking it out with Rock Band 4 when it comes new content. They've just recently announced that some brand new gear is set to arrive in the music-rhythm game and it's based on content from Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of either game.

The new Mass Effect: Andromeda items were showcased on the official Twitter for Rock Band. The post shows a character decked out from head to toe in N7 armor from the Mass Effect series. Most people who have been following the development of the game have recognized that the only N7 class character introduced in the latest title is Alec Ryder, the father of the Ryder twins.

Of course, they don't actually show who is under the helmet in Rock Band 4, and instead there's just the reflection of lights in the opaque helmet, with the suit covering the character from head to toe. The N7 getup is adorned in a red and dark gray livery and comes with two specialized guitars based on the Tempest from Mass Effect: Andromeda and the iconic Normandy from the original Mass Effect trilogy.

While the Tempest is featured in the first image, everyone on the comment thread was more excited for the Normandy SR2 making an appearance. The original iteration of the ship underwent a rather destructive scenario at the start of Mass Effect 2, but the ship came back new and improved later on.

In addition to announcing that there would be special content present from BioWare's latest space faring sci-fi adventure, over on the official Harmonix blog, they also announced that there will be 11 new songs added to Rock Band: Rivals.

The 11 songs can be viewed below:

Animal Flag - "Sink"

Bent Knee - "These Hands"

Black Beach - "No Place For Me"

Creaturos - "History Repeats"

Dutch ReBelle - "RudeBoys"

Julie Rhodes - "Hurry Up (& Wait For You)"

Littlefoot - "Casablanca"

Michael Christmas - "Cross That Line"

Ruby Rose Fox - "Skydiver"

STL GLD - "Good"

Tigerman WOAH - "Alone Time"

So now you can rock the N7 helmet, N7 armor and the Normandy or Tempest guitar and rock out to the new songs made available in the game. In addition to the songs and the Mass Effect stuff, they've also announced the inclusion of Sterling Archer from the popular animated FX show Archer.

So, not only will you be able to rock the house with a secret agent but you can also don the armor of an N7 Specter agent and showcase just how cool you look on stage while playing the latest tunes. You can grab the free Mass Effect gear on Rock Band via the Rock Shop.

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