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If you've ever wanted to more seamlessly merge your social media audience with your live streaming audience, Facebook has now made available the tools to do exactly that.

The game streaming market is still relatively small, with services like Twitch and, more recently, YouTube being two of the only major players available. Facebook made a move to change that landscape recently; unveiling new ways to "go Live" that are perfectly suited to gamers.

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Unveiled earlier this week, the new features for Facebook Live allow folks to start streaming content from their home computers and laptops. The Live feature has been around since 2016 for mobile devices but, until now, there was no solid option for integrated streaming from a standard computer.

The Facebook team specifically highlights gaming implications in the update's announcement, saying that it will make it easier than ever to simply broadcast your footage to Facebook followers without having to go through an outside service. There's even features to add on-screen graphics, titles and the like, in case you're doing a tutorial and want to make sure people know where they should be focusing their attention in League of Legends or focusing fire in Overwatch.

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If you've ever streamed game sessions from your computer, there's nothing new to explain here. The main difference, again, is that you'll be able to do it from directly within Facebook, on your computer.

Obviously, one of the big draws will be non-gaming broadcasts, too. Rather than doing your stream on Twitch or uploading a video to YouTube and then sharing it to Facebook, the whole point is that you no longer have to jump through extra hoops to do so. More importantly to Facebook, you no longer need to direct people to other streaming sites since you could now just do it from directly on their platform.

The added bonus here is that you can actually use Live from just about anywhere on the site, not just as a new post on your own wall. If you want to go live within a group page, in the comments or pretty much anywhere you would normally be able to post, you can do exactly that. As far as gaming is concerned, that's actually pretty helpful.

Say one of your friends or followers posts that they're having trouble in a certain area of XCOM 2. Maybe they're having trouble with a specific map, for instance. Rather than try to offer a few tips in text, you can just go live in the comments, boot up the game and give them some on-the-fly pointers. That actually sounds pretty handy.

So what do you think, folks? Do these new Live features sound like something you'll take advantage of? If not, why do you prefer other services? Let us know in the comments below.

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