Titanfall 2 Colony Reborn DLC

Respawn Entertainment has announced that they're still supporting Titanfall 2, even after being railroaded from success due to the close-quarter release next to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Their next big content drop includes a new map and a free trial.

Over on the official Titanfall blog, they announced that the new map Colony will be arriving, along with a new gun and a couple of new skins for the Titans. All of the free content and premium content will launch on March 30th, alongside a free trial that will be available for those who still haven't committed themselves to picking up a copy of the game.

The trial will only be available for a limited time as part of the Colony Reborn DLC launch. It will start on March 30th and run through April 3rd over the course of the weekend. The trial for Titanfall 2 will feature full access to the multiplayer, along with the Training Gauntlet and the single-player mission called The Beacon. You'll continue to be able to play The Beacon and Training Gauntlet even after the trial ends, sort of as a little way to keep you hooked.

In addition to the DLC and the free trial, they will also run a double XP weekend over the March 30th weekend. So you'll be able to rack up some mad XP while you duke it out in the game's multiplayer mode. Respawn also fixed a number of issues and squashed plenty of bugs, all of which will roll out with the latest DLC pack.

As for the Colony Reborn content, the map is a throwback to a map from the original Titanfall. They released a short trailer showcasing how the map has been revamped and upgraded for Titanfall 2, which you can check out below.

There are a lot of opportunities to pull off some exciting kills in the map, including grappling up alongside a tower and head-shotting a sniper attempting to hide inside the tower. There's plenty of room for the Titans to run around as well, as the map has some nice open spaces apart from the more cluttered settlement areas.

The trailer not only showcases the map but also some of the new Titan designs that will be available in Titanfall 2 as part of the cash shop update.

In addition to the new skins that they've added, there's also a new assault rifle, featuring a scope and the ability to easily and quickly take out opponents. The R-101 with the ACOG scope looks like a sleeker version of the SCAR-H assault rifle, so it's nothing too outlandish or sci-fi oriented that it separates itself from the rest of Titanfall 2's arsenal.

Last but not least is the new execution that pilots can pull off called the Curb Check. It fits in nicely with the other executions you can unleash on opponents, as it sees the pilot uppercutting the opponent and then zip-cording them back into the ground using the grappling hook. It looks like something you would expect from Mortal Kombat.

You can look for the Colony Reborn DLC, patch, free trial and double XP weekend to all kick off on March 30th next week.

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