With Mass Effect Andromeda finally out in the wild (and garnering a wide array of reactions), the team at BioWare has taken a moment to catch its breath before diving into post-launch plans for the game. According to a recent announcement, however, we'll be hearing about those plans in the not-too-distant future.

Over on the BioWare Twitter feed, they've announced when eager fans (and not-quite-fans) of Mass Effect Andromeda can expect to hear about the road ahead for the game. According to a rather straightforward image, you'll want to mark your calendar for next Tuesday, April 4 for all of the details.

Obviously, BioWare isn't living with its head in the sand right now and knows that not everyone has been in love with Andromeda. We won't be going into spoiler territory here but, on the whole, quite a few of the negative comments seem to revolve around uneven pacing, a narrative that retreads too-common ground, bugs and now notoriously bad facial animations.

According to the announcement from BioWare, they've heard folks loud and clear. To be clear, it doesn't sound like the team is necessarily gearing up to talk about potential DLC plans or anything like that come Tuesday. With a couple weeks of post-launch critique under their belt, the announcement simply states they've been taking all of the feedback into account, both the positive and the critical, and that said information is "an important part of our ongoing support of the game."

The announcement goes on to say the team is working around the clock to gather as much useful info as possible to "plan out solutions to improve and build" on Andromeda. That "build" part could point the way to extra content talks, but we have a feeling "improve" is mentioned first for a reason. With so many critical comments revolving around a handful of key areas of the game, we imagine getting things ship shape is BioWare's first priority.

And that shouldn't come as a surprise, really. BioWare announced a while back that they didn't have a Season Pass for DLC planned, which we took to mean they were focusing on making their game and worrying less about how they would keep it growing in the years to come. Ah, the good old days of game development. We don't doubt that some sort of DLC will eventually find its way to Andromeda, but it was kind of a breath of fresh air to know they had a vision in mind and didn't build the game wanting folks to shell out another $60 in advance for skins, mini-games, extra maps and story beats that would further flesh, or even conclude, the story.

So, what are you expecting out of next week's announcement for Andromeda? Is there something about the game you'd particularly like to see addressed or maybe you're already itching for some more content? Let us know in the comments below.

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