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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios are heading into the home stretch for Injustice 2. The game is due out in the middle of next month and they're making sure everyone knows about the roster of characters contained therein. Their latest trailer focuses on a group known as The Society.

The trailer made its way online to the official Injustice YouTube channel. The Injustice 2 promo piece is only two minutes long, but it does a fine job of setting up the tension between the heroes and villains in the game.

It actually centers around Gorilla Grodd amassing an army in a Planet of the Apes style coup against the humans and their establishment. Grodd calls the group The Society. Bruce Wayne is in the Batcave with Green Arrow and Black Canary, explaining that he knows that Grodd is planning something but he doesn't know what.

At this point, it's pretty obvious Injustice 2 isn't just going to be a typical fighting game with a throwaway story. It was obvious that the complex story from the first game was its biggest selling point (in addition to having a bunch of fan-favorite DC heroes and villains pitted against each other), so it's no surprise that they're upping the ante for the sequel. It's not just an evil Superman that the Justice League have to worry about this time around.

In fact, we learn that Gorilla Grodd is not working with or for Superman's authoritarian faction known as the Regime, and he's obviously against the standards imposed on him by the other members of the Justice League.

The impression given is that Grodd will be leading his own separate insurrection against the powers that be, which is very interesting. It appears Injustice 2 simply won't be relying on a "good vs evil" storyline, but will be intertwining different factions together.

We see that Grodd has managed to recruit a number of other villains to his cause in Injustice 2, including Captain Cold, Cheetah, Poison Ivy and Bane. Very interesting collection of super villains there.

I'm a little curious how Grodd managed to recruit Bane, though? I can see why Cheetah and Poison Ivy would be part of the line-up... there's a lot of bitterness there from both of them against society, and it would definitely make sense why they would want to overthrow Superman's Regime and undo the Justice League. I imagine Captain Cold is just along for the thrills. Deadshot is a no-brainer. I have no idea why Catwoman would be part of them, though (she's likely Batman's mole). But Bane? I don't know... maybe there's something more to it than meets the eye. I wouldn't be surprised if he possibly had ulterior motives for teaming up with Grodd.

Regardless, the trailer for Injustice 2 is pretty awesome and it adds even more layers to the story than it already had. Heck, this seems like it could make for an awesome movie, and we all know how badly DC needs one of those. Anyway, you can look for the game to drop on May 16th for the Xbox One and PS4.

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