Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

G2A has always been a controversial marketplace outlet for gamers. They're oftentimes considered a gray market reseller and accused often of selling stolen keys. Well, the bad rep finally caught up to them and a deal with Gearbox may fall through unless they meet the company's list of demands.

VG 24/7 is reporting that Gearbox Software, the publishers of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, teamed up with G2A for a special deal offering collector's editions of the game through the marketplace portal. However, the deal was put in jeopardy when YouTuber and content creator John "TotalBiscuit" Bain informed Gearbox about the shady history of G2A.

Bain took time out of his day to talk to Gearbox representatives, send them plenty of links about gray market fraud, complaints from developers about stolen keys, and complaints from publishers about some of their games not being authorized to be sold on G2A. Following this conversation, John Bain then informed the gaming community about what he had talked to Gearbox Software about, and how he wouldn't support their games if they continued to support G2A in their current form. So, Gearbox decided to offer G2A an ultimatum.

They have four demands for G2A:

• Within 30 days they expect them to make the G2A Shield consumer protection service against fraud to be made free instead of a separate paid subscription service.

• Within the next 30 days they also expect G2A to make a public announcement about restructuring the payment system so that legitimate keys and gray market keys are clearly defined so that customers know which key they're buying.

• Within the next 60 days they want G2A to make a public statement about better fraud-flagging processes and implementing a means to "throttle" non-certified developers, publishers and users at the account-payable level when the fraud-flagging has been initiated.

• Within the next 90 days they want G2A to implement an API service so that legitimate publishers and developers can flag game keys on G2A's marketplace and have them removed if they suspect that the keys being sold are fraudulent.

As noted by VG 24/7, following another debacle last year with G2A being accused by publishers and independent developers of selling fraudulent keys, they were given an ultimatum, once again, to make it possible for studios to verify whether stolen or fraudulent game keys were being sold through the G2A marketplace. They obliged.

They also opened up a new royalty program for developers, allowing them to make some kind of residual revenue from their game being sold through the G2A marketplace from third-party resellers.

This new ultimatum is a bit more hefty, so we'll see if G2A is able to come up with a means to appease Gearbox Software. If things work out with the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition deal, this would likely open the door for more deals in the future for G2A, so they probably would want to find a way to resolve this issue as quickly as possible so that they can keep doing what they do.

As for Bulletstorm, the remastered edition of the 2011 outing is available right now for home consoles and PC.

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