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A soldier fires a shotgun in Battlefield 1

If you're wondering what's next for Battlefield 1, the team at DICE's simple answer seems to be "a heck of a lot." They've recently pulled back the curtain on the next several major DLC updates for the game, as well as a calendar for the road ahead.

In fact, that's what they called the blog post revealing all these details, "The road ahead for Battlefield 1." According to the post, the team at DICE has a lot of changes and fresh content they want to bring to Battlefield 1; so much, in fact, that they're going to be upping the tempo for releases.

In the past -- and usually the case for pretty much all major shooters -- DICE has provided one major DLC update per season. That usually equates to four big updates a year, at which point they usually wrap things up and then move on to the next game. That's not going to be the case for Battlefield 1, as the developers will be giving players more reasons to return to the game between major add-ons with the introduction of monthly updates.

According to the post, this is due to the fact that the team simply wants to roll out more content, and there's no point in taking their sweet time doing it if they've got stuff ready to go. DICE will be using the Community Test Environment to work new ideas into the game and then, once they're ready, deploy them fully.

One example of this is the upcoming inclusion of Platoons. That feature will be included in the upcoming spring update, allowing players to more easily group up with their friends before hitting the battlefield. As for what's coming in May, the post claims there will be some quality of life advancements to make the game more "frictionless." By that, they mean they plan on making it easier than ever for players to navigate through the menus, organize and check their various gear and stats and then jump into games. We could be wrong, but we're expecting this to take the form of some sort of UI update. Oh, and they also plan on introducing the Rent-a-Server program, allowing folks to more easily host secure, stable games for friends, tournaments or clans.

And while no major details were offered, DICE has also offered up a brief glimpse at Battlefield 1's next three major expansions. "In the Name of the Tsar" comes first and will take the battle to the Eastern Front for some cold-as-hell battles. After that will be "Turning Tides," followed by "Apocalypse." Each of these expansions will feature the requisite new maps, weapons, vehicles and game modes.

In other words, it looks like there's a long war ahead. Get ready for more Battlefield 1.