Overwatch: Insurrection

Blizzard has a hard time keeping Overwatch content close to their chest. Every time they have something planned there's a leak of some sort. Well, another leak has occurred for an upcoming event that seems to give gamers something they've been asking about for quite a while.

According to Game Informer, the event will run from April 11th to May 1st and it will take players back to the olden days when the Overwatch agency was up and active and the members were engaged in a war with the Omnics.

The event will see select agents from the Overwatch organization such as Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn decked out in their classic agent outfits, which are mostly blue and white. Other characters in Overwatch will receive black outfit skins during the event, including McCree, Genji, Widowmaker and Orisa.

A two minute trailer was released as part of the leak from the French PlayStation YouTube channel, but it was quickly taken down. Jeffrey Grubb from VentureBeat managed to re-upload the video, and translated some of the key parts of the trailer, including noting that this is Tracer's first mission with the agency, and the event will introduce more than 100 new collectible items. You can check out the trailer below.

The trailer starts by saying it takes place seven years before the current timeline in Overwatch. It also spends the first minute just covering one of Overwatch's maps in ruins. Buildings collapsed, streets filled with debris, fire and smoke rising to the skies above -- it looks like the war with the Omnics was a pretty bad one.

The trailer then gives us a brief look at the group of agents charging into battle against lots of small Omnic robots before the Overwatch: Insurrection event title is displayed. It's hinted at by Game Informer that this is likely a new PvE mode for players where they'll cooperatively work together against the Omnic robot forces across various maps.

The rest of the trailer showcases a few of the other characters in their Blackwatch getup, such as McCree. We also get a look at Genji in his Blackwatch gear as well, and he looks eerily similar to Gray Fox from Metal Gear Solid.

Widowmaker also gets a new skin. It's labeled as "La Griffe" in French, which translates to "The Claw" in English.

We then get to see the other Overwatch characters in their blue, white and black Overwatch gear from when the agency was up and running. There's a tweet from Polygon that has a sketch of the characters in their gear. You can check it out below.

The trailer ends with the announcement about the 100 items being added to Overwatch, including new emotes, stickers, poses and tags.

This will definitely give fans something to sink their teeth into between the rest of April and the beginning of May. The only thing everyone has to do now is wait for Blizzard to make the official announcement.

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