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A massive boss fights a vampire in Project Vein

Bandai Namco is gearing up to reveal its next game and, based on early details, it turns out it's a rather stylized action RPG about a vampire...Okay, you have our attention.

Last week, a teaser trailer was posted on the official Bandai Namco Youtube page that simply stated it was a new project for the studio. The only other information revealed at that time was a hashtag that stated, quite simply, #PrepareToDine. If you're a fan of the Souls series, then you likely noticed how closely that catchphrase resembles the motto of that particular collection of games that's also from Bandai Namco. On top of that, the atmosphere seems reminiscent of Bloodborne, yet another series from the team at FromSoftware.

To be clear, the teaser from Bandai Namco claims that this is an original animation that is "inspired by" a new title that's being developed, not that the game will actually look anything like this in motion. Still, we wouldn't be bummed if the game looked exactly like this. It's rad as hell.

Thankfully, we don't have much longer to wait in order to find out what the heck all of this is actually about, as the full reveal is slated for April 20.

But, since nothing can stay a secret for too long, the folks over at Gamatsu happened to stumble upon a few more details revealed in the Weekly Famitsu magazine, which refers to the game as Code Vein. That article casts a bit more light on what we can expect out of the full reveal, including the fact that, despite the hashtag and aesthetics, it doesn't appear that FromSoftware is actually working on the game. Instead, it appears to be coming to us from the team that developed the God Eater series, a pretty beloved pair of games that feels like what you would get if Monster Hunter was filtered through the lens of a futuristic anime where edgy teens slay gods with massive weapons.

As a matter of fact, everything on offer from Famitsu seems to point at a similar type of game, which isn't expected to arrive until 2018. No platforms have been revealed as of this writing. The game will take place in the near future and, yep, the world is pretty much in a state of ruin. Players will be vampires known as Revenants and they'll be able to take a buddy they've met in the game world along for their adventures. Weapons are primarily handheld, including all manners of swords, hammers, spears and the like.

According to the article, the game is only about 35 percent complete at this point, so we're not really holding our breath that the 2018 launch date will be early in the year. Still, we've got our fingers crossed that the full reveal will give us something cool to look forward to.

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