Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Blizzard will be giving away free heroes in Heroes of the Storm for a limited time. However, there's a bit of a catch and you'll need to get the details to find out how to get the most out of the giveaway.

Gamespot does a breakdown of the news, explaining that Blizzard's giveaway comes in time for the upcoming 2.0 update set to release next week for Heroes of the Storm. So, for a limited time you'll be able to log in when 2.0 launches and you'll be given an option to purchase a free bundle pack of characters between April 25th and May 22nd.

So, how does it work? Well, there are four bundle packs, consisting of Assassin, Flex, Support & Specialist, and Tanks & Bruisers.

Each pack contains 20 heroes in them. They range from a diverse selection of characters that will unlock for you and grant you permanent access to them. When you log into Heroes of the Storm during the launch of 2.0, you'll be given 100 cash shop gems that you can use on one of the bundles. You'll want to choose wisely so that you end up with the appropriate characters that suit what you want.

Additionally, you will not get a discount on characters you already own or have already purchased in the past, so you'll want to pick the bundle pack wisely because if you choose a pack that consists of a bunch of characters you already purchased, then you'll have wasted your gems and your opportunity to grow your stash in Heroes of the Storm.

Keep in mind that there is a bit of overlap for each of the heroes, though. Gamespot notes that you'll find a few of the same heroes in multiple packs, for instance Sylvanas the Windrunner is in both the Assassin and the Flex pack, along with the Queen of the Blades, Kerrigan. In the Tanks & Bruisers bundle and the Support & Specialist bundle you'll also find a few duplicates as well, such as the defender of Russia, Zarya, as well as the terror of Darkshire, Stitches. You'll also find that some characters like Abathur will also bounce between Support & Specialist and the Flex bundles, while Rexxar is available in both the Flex bundle and the Tanks & Bruisers bundle.

Ultimately, you'll have to choose wisely to ensure that if you don't have certain characters you don't end up wasting your 100 gems on a bundle that gives you a bunch of other characters you already own.

Due to some of the overlap, you'll also run the risk of at least getting one duplicate at some point, depending on who you purchased previously in Heroes of the Storm.

Ultimately, the bundle best benefits newbies who have never picked up the game before but want to hop in and make use of some of their favorite characters from other Blizzard properties such as Diablo, StarCraft and Overwatch.

You can learn more about the bundle packs, which will go live on April 25th, by visiting the Heroes of the Storm mega bundle page.

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