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Grand Theft Auto Online's New Racing Mode Looks Like Old School GTA

Cars racing in Grand Theft Auto 5

The latest game mode coming to Grand Theft Auto V is taking the series back to its roots. It's called Tiny Racers, and it shifts the entire game into a top-down perspective reminiscent of the first few games in the GTA series.

For newcomers to the streets of Grand Theft Auto, it may be hard to believe, but the series actually had some pretty humble beginnings. The first two numbered games in the series, as well as the London 1969 spinoff, gave players an eagle-eye view of the game world, following the protagonist and their vehicles around from overhead.

The Tiny Racers game mode set to launch in Grand Theft Auto V on April 25 takes us back to that simpler time in the world of racing cars and committing crimes, offering up yet another unique way to spend your time in the massive game.

While players race around from the top-down perspective, they'll be able to pick up power-ups to help them earn a victory. Based on the above trailer, these range from your typical machine gun and rockets to mines you drop behind the car, smoke bombs and more. As we see a couple of times, you don't need weapons to ruin your opponent's day, though. If they're hugging the corner of the track and you can get close enough, simply sideswipe them to their doom.

It looks like tracks will be populated with narrow stretches, tight corners, looping passages and even some jumps for you to pull a stunt off of. In that regard, Tiny Racers for GTA V looks more like the Micro Machines racing series than classic GTA but, no matter the comparison, it all looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

At this point, we're finding it pretty hard to believe that Grand Theft Auto V originally launched back in 2013. Few games get constant support outside of their first year on the market and, at this point, GTA V is in its fourth year. Along the way, the game has been expanded via new vehicles and gear, as well as a large number of new online activities. Biker gangs have been added, as well as modes that let you break folks out of prison, skydive and even race around on neon cycles like in Tron. And that's only a fraction of all of the content that has been plugged into the game at this point.

So, after all of these years and all of those updates, we're curious if our readers are still making GTA V a regular part of their gaming diet. Have these updates kept you coming back for more and, either way, do you plan on jumping in for some Tiny Racers action? Let us know in the comments below.

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