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Here's Why Halo Wars 2's Colony DLC Has Been Delayed

Halo Wars 2 Colony DLC

Halo Wars 2 fans were bummed to discover this week that the game's latest DLC, called "Colony," was delayed. But now the team at 343 Industries has cleared the air on the matter, explaining that they wanted to make sure the update was ready for primetime before releasing it upon the masses.

Over on Halo Waypoint, what feels like the entire Halo Wars 2 development team has provided an update on everything going on within the game world. If you scroll about a third of the way down through the info dump, you'll come across a section called "Let's Be Blunt," where the reasons for the Colony delay in Halo Wars 2 are explained.

In short, the DLC has some nasty little bugs still scurrying around, and we're not talking about the new creepy-crawly critters that are planned as part of the update. According to the update, the team didn't want to release the Colony update until they got those issues cleaned up, which makes perfect sense. Sure, it's probably a real bummer for Halo Wars 2 fans who were eagerly anticipating the new content, but we figure a clean launch is better than one plagued with issues.

Plus, it doesn't sound like they're asking anyone to wait very long. It looks like Colony will now launch next week for Halo Wars 2, which means the current in-game competitive season has been extended until that day arrives.

As for the bugs, it sounds like only one of them was what the team is calling game-breaking, and it certainly seems like a major issue. In the new update, one of the new units is called a Skitterer, a nifty little creature that you can attach to other units that then become a self-targetting turret and healer. The issue, though, was that they could continue to fire at their target once it was acquired regardless of distance or line of sight.

The example given was that you could attach Skitterers to some of your Banshees, fly them over an enemy's base, let the Skitterers lock on, then fly as far away as you want and still have the little bastards taking shots at the base and dealing damage. As noted in the original post, that actually sounds pretty rad, but not so much if you're on the receiving end of what is clearly a bad, bad bug.

So, yeah, they're working on fixing stuff like that and, once Colony is ready, it'll be dropped into Halo Wars 2. The update will boast some new Achievements for you to strive for, too, as well as some new cards for the game's Blitz mode.

So what do you say, Halo fans? Can you forgive the delay or is your entire week completely ruined?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.