Splatoon 2 Squid Sister Stories

There appears to be a growing segment of the Splatoon community convinced that the last multiplayer event for the original game on the Wii U may have had an impactful effect on the story mode for Splatoon 2.

Over on the official Splatoon website, there's a story about the Squid Sisters for Splatoon 2. Specifically, it's claled the "Squid Sisters Stories", and centers around two of the icons from the original game, Marie and Callie. The story involved the two battling head-to-head in a final match in Inkopolis known as the "Final Splatfest".

Marie and Callie duked it out and Marie ended up walking away the victor. However, as noted in the prologue piece, they still remained friends, "smiling and laughing" as they exited from the battleground.

The piece makes it appear as if it's just the start of something more, though. As if the rivalry between Marie and Callie would extend well beyond the Splatfest that pitted the two against each other.

Squid Sister Stories

Well, it appears that the story may be shaped by actual real-world gameplay events. According to Kotaku they reported that a vote took place a while back in June of 2016, where Splatoon gamers got to vote on who would win in a Splatfest between Marie and Callie. The community voted for Marie, and now it appears as if that vote has played some small role in the way the story could be shaped in Splatoon 2.

The Kotaku questions if perhaps there could be a new story mode in Splatoon 2 centered around this community curated event, where players blast through the Squid Sisters Stories, which could be developed around the last Splatfest from last year.

It's not too far-fetched. A lot of the commenters were just wondering how legitimate this would be, given that Nintendo isn't known to crowdsource involvement from the community for game content. Some rebutted that the team behind Splatoon are a lot more progressive in how they deal with the community when it comes to shaping the game, and aren't quite as traditionalist as some other segments of Nintendo.

If the Squid Sister Stories really does evolve in a way that centers around crowdsourced events, then maybe it is a sign that Nintendo is changing their tune to better suit the budding community around their newest IP.

For now, the Squid Sisters Story segment on the Splatoon 2 website only features the introduction and the prologue. The progress bar seems to point to the story unfolding over a course of time, so we'll have to wait for more entries to pop up before we can truly tell what they have in store for the game.

It was mentioned during the Nintendo Switch press conference back in January that Splatoon 2 would feature a new single-player campaign, so maybe the Squid Sisters Stories is that campaign. I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

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