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The very first story trailer has dropped for the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, the fourth game in the highly praised crossover series that sees some of Capcom's best doing battle with some of Marvel's strongest. The trailer is two minutes of pure excitement.

The new promo piece was posted up over on the official Marvel vs Capcom YouTube channel. It's kind of odd it wasn't on the official Capcom channel and it wasn't on the official Marvel channel, but I suppose they want to raise the mind share of the Marvel vs Capcom brand, and what better way to do that than to open up an official YouTube channel for it? Besides, this also gives them an ample amount of opportunities to use the channel to help foster and grow the eSports scene for the FGC. A lot of gamers will likely subscribe and stay tuned in for details on DLC, new characters and new modes, as well as content coming out of the local, regional and international tournament scene.

The two minute trailer drops us into a segment with Ultron and Sigma teaming up together to hatch a plot to exterminate life on Earth.

For those of you unfamiliar, Ultron was recently a featured villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He originally comes from the Iron Man universe. Sigma is probably a lot less recognizable to most gamers and pop culture fans, but he's one of the main villains from the Mega Man X series.

For die-hard fans, they called it a while back, noting that the main villain in the teaser trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite looked like a cross between Ultron and Sigma. It turns out that they fuse together and attempt to acquire the Infinity Stones in order to carry out their plan.

It actually makes a ton of sense now why the original announcement trailer was centered so much around Mega Man X. Some fans had noted that it seemed like it would focus on X as the main protagonist, and that definitely seems to be the case.

In fact, the original trailer's focus on Iron Man and Captain Marvel also seems to point to their heavy involvement with the story as well, since it involves cross-dimensional cosmic villainy. I suspect Carol Danvers and X will likely end up carrying the story due to her heavy involvement with the cosmos, and it seems like they might acquire the services of Tony Stark due to his involvement with Ultron.

The cinematic basically shows how Ultron Sigma attempts to take over both dimensions, and basically lays a beat down on most of the heroes. Apparently, there will be additional story trailers to introduce characters strong enough to challenge Sigma... maybe? We do know that they will be getting some help from the Guardians of the Galaxy as well.

The trailer hasn't been receiving the most love due to the announcement of six characters being locked behind a DLC paywall before they even announced the full roster. Some people think it's Street Fighter x Tekken all over again, while others are saying it's no different than Tekken 7 or Injustice 2.

Anyway, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is due for release on September 19th.

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