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Praey For The Gods

One of the most highly anticipated Kickstarted games that sort of went dark for a while has resurfaced. However, the game resurfaced with some rather uncomely news in the form of an announcement about having to change the name due to a trademark dispute from Bethesda.

Over on the official website, the developers for the original Prey for the Gods had to announce that the name is now Praey for the Gods.

No Matter Studios couldn't just brush off Bethesda's litigious efforts to protect the trademark for their game Prey, and it certainly was a very important matter, so much so that the developers were kept up at night trying to figure out if there was some way to resolve the matter.

According to No Matter Studios, they explain in the post that they could have fought to keep the original name, Prey for the Gods, but it just didn't seem worth it and they ended up giving in to Bethesda's lawyers.

We could've fought this and we did think about it for quite a while. Something like a trademark opposition can be long and depending on how far someone wants to fight it can be very expensive. We didn't want to spend our precious Kickstarter funds, nor did we want to have to ask for additional funds to fight this in court

On the upside, they were able to come to an agreement with Bethesda over the name, and were able to use Praey For The Gods. It's a really weird name, but it still seems to work for what they're intending to do with the game. Originally it was supposed to be named Præy for the Gods, but Bethesda also put a block on the trademark for that name as well.

The team eventually managed to escape with Praey For The Gods, and the matter is now well and good behind them.

It's a shame really because hands down Prey For The Gods is an absolutely perfect name for the game. It's basically like a new generation of Shadow of the Colossus, and players will attempt to avoid being prey for the old gods; titans of land, air and sea.

The trailer for the game was remarkably sleek, and the combat is entirely physics-based. They are mirroring the gameplay on an upgraded and more advanced version of what was featured in Shadow of the Colossus, including some titans who apparently move very fast, which created some serious problems for them on the physics-front. However, they managed to overcome the roadblocks with the aerial combat and they're back on track to working on a closed beta for the game.

It's also funny because I'm still trying to figure out why Arkane Studios and Bethesda's new Prey is even called Prey, since it's nothing like the original game from 2006, where humans and other species were prey for an alien race of collectors. This newest game is more like System Shock or BioShock, but it's hard to see what the "Prey" aspects are.

Anyway, the name prohibited No Matter Studios from using Prey For The Gods as their title. So now they have to call their game Praey For The Gods.

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