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DOTA 2 heroes prepare for battle

The next competitive season of DOTA 2 is ready to roll, with Valve recently unveiling the International 2017 Battle Pass which, along with getting players into all of the most important events, boast a slew of digital goodies for you to enjoy along the way.

The Battle Pass is kind of a brilliant idea, actually. The small fee helps serve as a sort of gatekeeper to weed out the less serious player, it gives you access to a whole bunch of nifty features, and it allows the players themselves to help create that all-important reward pool for major tournaments. We can only assume the DOTA 2 community is a fan of this system, as the award pool is just shy of $6 million as of this writing. That's going to make for some very happy tournament winners throughout the next year.

So if only 25 percent of Battle Pass sales go into this pool, what's the rest get you? The answer is lots and lots of DOTA 2 perks. As outlined on the official website, the big focus of this year's pass is access to the Siltbreaker multiplayer campaign. That's a pretty cool feature we're not used to seeing in a MOBA like DOTA 2, so that alone might be worth the $10 Level 1 tier. You could also just jump up to the Level 75 tier for $36.99, or buy additional levels for various values in increments of five, 11 and 24. Or, you can just earn in-game tribute points and build up your level the old-fashioned way.

As for Siltbreaker, the first act of its campaign will be available later this month, with Act II arriving in July.

According to the description, players will be tasked with forming a four-person party in DOTA 2 in order to head into the deepest reaches of the sea to take on "loathsome monsters, cunning traps and other lethal terrors."

This is actually the kind of feature I've been wanting out of MOBAs for a while, so it's cool that a developer is finally allowing players to use these characters they know and love so much into a completely different type of play style. In short, you're getting a dungeon diver here, and it sounds pretty rad.

There's a whole bunch more to the DOTA 2 Battle Pass outside of gaining levels and jumping into a cooperative campaign, though. You will also gain access to things like new team quests, Prestige Towers, a quiz that will keep you company while waiting in queues, new cards, the ability to double down on their rank once per week, some fancy new relics to enjoy, seasonal matchmaking and more.

If you're a heavy DOTA 2 player, this one's probably a no-brainer.

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