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You know how sometimes there are things in life where they're just so precious you can't afford to let them go no matter what? Baby photos, family jewels, collectible cards... limited edition memorabilia from your favorite game. Well, in one case instead of the gamer protecting his goods, the goods protected the gamer.

That's right... that's an image posted up over on Imgur of the Elder Scrolls Anthology having bitten a bullet for its owner. In a rare twist of fate, instead of a human recklessly throwing their life in the headlights of danger, the rare collectible was conveniently in place of taking a bullet.

It started when a loud pop was heard while Imgur user velorok was playing Prey. He recounts that he heard glass shatter and then went to go look to see where the bullet had landed. After checking around a bit he explains that his "heart sunk" when he finally discovered where the accelerated projectile landed... right in the heart of The Elder Scrolls Anthology.

This wasn't just some big book of pages and pictures, this was an actual video game anthology containing the Elder Scrolls series, with each game neatly packed into a pouch with highly detailed art on each page. The way the bullet made contact with the anthology it literally shredded through the discs and destroyed various games and expansions.

The Morrowind series within the anthology was the one to get it the worst. He notes in the Imgur post that all the other games were a-okay but Morrowind and a few of the expansions were absolutely shattered... literally.

Velorok didn't manage to capture an image of the bullet before he gave it to police, but he was able to keep the anthology. After he posted it up to Imgur, a bunch of people sent him well wishes and he received plenty of love and support from the gaming community on the social media network.

In fact, the popularity of the post gained so much traction and attention that velorok was eventually contacted by Bethesda, and they actually offered to replace his Elder Scrolls Anthology for him... for free!

Obviously, he accepted the offer, given that one of his favorite game series ended up getting destroyed due to a random bullet making its way into his room.

The whole anthology isn't just a throwaway, though. The whole thing costs a whopping $75, and it includes all of the previously released Elder Scrolls games leading up to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In the end, a video game managed to save a man's life, and Bethesda managed to get some good PR out of it. I wonder if the sales for the Elder Scrolls Anthology will see a slight boost from this gesture of goodwill (and plenty of publicity) from this little event?

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