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pathfinder unlocks mysterious portal in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been out a couple of months now and BioWare is still rolling out the patches on a regular basis. The latest update boasts a whole bunch of fixes for the single player portion of the action RPG, as well as a couple of tweaks to multiplayer.

The thing about this latest set of patches is that it's a pretty hefty list. There are a whopping 50 items that have been updated. On the one hand, it's great news that BioWare continues to work on the game and is striving to squash any remaining bugs. On the other hand, some of these issues feel like items that should have maybe been addressed before the game ever launched. We know that no two games are the same, but the extent of this latest list of fixes is more akin to the post-launch updates you'd see for a full-on multiplayer game, not a single player adventure.

Either way, if you've had some issues bogging you down in Andromeda, then hopefully this list will help ease your woes. And if you haven't picked up the game just yet, remember that it's about $20 off for a limited time through Deals with Gold on Xbox One.

Probably the biggest fix in this latest update is the work being done on the in-game cinematic scenes. Bizarre facial expressions and the like were a big turnoff for many early adopters, so it's good to hear that BioWare is continuing to make those big, flashy cutscenes look as sharp as possible.

Another nice quality of life fix is the fact that dialogue options will no longer be grayed out if a character has more information to provide. Originally, if you asked a character about something and they responded, the box would be grayed out to show that you had already spoken about that topic. This allowed players to more quickly breeze through some conversations if they weren't as interested in getting a deeper dive with the story. However, for those who wanted to hear more, sometimes you could select the option again to learn some additional information. The problem was, if the box was grayed out, many players assumed that meant said topic was concluded. So if you wanted to learn more, you just had to click on the option again and hope there was more to be said. With this fix, dialogue options will stay highlighted if there are additional pieces of conversations left to be had.

If you're digging Andromeda's multiplayer options, there are only a couple of fixes in this latest patch that target that particular area of gameplay. The first keeps players from crouching repeatedly while interacting with a device while the second stops dead players' bodies from falling through the floor under certain situations.

As for single player fixes, there are a whole bunch of updates on top of the ones highlighted above. Be sure to check out the BioWare blog post for additional details if you're looking for something in particular.

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