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A cowboy shoots down bandits in Wild West Online

Wild West Online was only announced a couple of days ago and already there's news concerning the game's planned Kickstarter campaign and stint on Steam's early access.

Following the reveal of Wild West Online from 612 Games, it immediately gained comparisons to Red Dead Redemption. We suppose that's fair, seeing as how there are so few westerns on any platform and, yep, RDR is the easiest draw. That's actually part of the reason 612 Games wanted to make Wild West Online, stating that there just aren't enough games with that setting on PC.

Anyway, the developers showed off a bit of the game, which is already deep in development. They had initial investments but needed to secure more in order to make the game a success. To that end, they planned a Kickstarter campaign and an early access release on Steam to help test things out. They had the whole thing ready to roll, complete with stretch goals planned for the funding drive and everything. Now none of that needs to happen, but it's for the best reason imaginable. It turns out gamers are more than a little eager to play not only another Western game, but one that's set in an MMO world. Sure, we've got Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out this fall but, again, it's not an MMO and, as far as we know, PC hasn't been pegged as a launch platform.

So the internet did what the internet does best and started talking up a storm about this game. They talked up such a big storm that the initial investors decided that they might have something special on their hands. In the end, they decided to fund everything the developers needed in order to fully develop Wild West Online into their ultimate vision. That includes all of the planned stretch goals (female characters, card games and additional languages, according to Gamespot), a summer beta and eventual release of the full game. They're already talking about post-launch updates, too.

This has got to be something of a dream come true for 612 games. They get to completely skip the entire Kickstarter process and instead focus on making their game, meaning the whole process should be coming along more quickly than originally planned. According to chief creative officer Stehan Bugaj, the 612 team is very excited to head into this new frontier.

The community's response to Wild West Online is something we never imagined, and thanks to it, we're able to fully develop a robust Western experience for PC.

So what do you say, readers? Are you excited to get to dive into Wild West Online later this year? Is there room in your heart for this game alongside RDR 2? Let us know in the comments below.