Respawn Entertainment may have gotten off to an awfully slow start back in fall of 2016 due to being cannibalized by other big AAA shooters released during the time, but they've slowly been building up momentum thanks to having a quality product and a strong post-launch DLC plan. They've continued on with that plan with the release of a trailer for their newest mech set to arrive.

The video trailer highlights a bunch of new skins and the new Monarch Titan in Titanfall 2. The trailer was posted up over on their official YouTube channel.

The video starts by going over the boots-on-the-ground combat between soldiers in the map featured in the Monarch's Reign DLC pack.

Some close quarters combat is highlighted along with some chasing and dodging taking place, just before one of the pilots who zips and zags through a hallway meets an untimely end when he gets turned into gib at the hands of a Tone Prime.

We see the Prime take down another Titan while other pilots zip-line and grapple their way around the ins and outs of the stage.

After the pilots eventually down the Tone Prime, we finally get to see Titanfall 2's newest mechanized warrior in action: Monarch.

The new Titan is free for players to use. It looks very similar to the other Titans in the game, but the orangish-red livery with blue highlights will likely appeal to people looking for a specific kind of Titan for specific kind of maps.

We get to see the Monarch race through the map, approach another Titan, toss out its pilot onto the other mech, and then smack it across the head while the pilot hops back inside the cockpit.

We then get to see the Ronin Prime oh-so-briefly as it takes out another Titan using the sword. The trailer finally wraps up when the Monarch races toward a Ronin, reaches into the cockpit, rips out the pilot and crushes him in its hand while the Ronin blows up.

The trailer is pretty intense and the gaming audience are all in on it. A lot of people are actually still angry at Electronic Arts for pushing out Titanfall 2 sandwiched in between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

A majority of gamers really love the game due to how fast and fluid it is. Titanfall 2 regularly receives free updates from Respawn, and they've done a great job of continuing to support the game post release, despite getting off to a really rough start.

It's possible that due to the game's growing popularity and how well received it is, it might grow its user base over time, possibly recovering from the awful start it received when Titanfall 2 launched last fall for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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