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There are hints and rumors spreading about the possibility of new content arriving for Mass Effect: Andromeda featuring one of the more popular races in the franchise that didn't make the cut in the original release of Andromeda. We might be about to see Quarians in the latest game.

Eurogamer is reporting that during one of Andromeda's multiplayer mission events there's a small hint that the overarching story may eventually reveal the presence of Quarians, a popular race who played a pivotal role in the story events of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

As part of a mission brief, they noted that while exploring a Remnant observatory there's a transmission log featuring a scrambled communication that mentions a Quarian saying, "Keelah Si'yah."

Eurogamer notes that there are plenty of teases throughout the single-player campaign about Quarians, and this mission from the multiplayer could point to more.

However, there's one super massive issue: there's no longer a team dedicated to Mass Effect development.

Multiple reports have gone out indicating that BioWare Montreal downsized and is now only in a support role for Motive's single-player campaign work on the upcoming release of Star Wars: Battlefront 2, along with helping out BioWare Edmonton on their Destiny challenger codenamed "Dylan".

Electronic Arts has supposedly stationed Montreal on patch duty for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the series has reportedly been put on ice, which means there won't be any investments in major DLC campaigns or any sequels being positioned on the slate for development.

So what does this have to do with the tease about the Quarians?

Well, if the core development team is no longer working at BioWare Montreal or is only being used in support roles for other studio development, then there isn't anyone actually working on DLC that could contain the Quarians.

So far, EA hasn't said what the immediate future of Mass Effect looks like, but they'll likely keep it shelved until the mind-share of Andromeda has been wiped from recent memory. Usually this takes anywhere between five to 10 years.

Instead of focusing on Mass Effect, in the last earnings call for investors, the CEO, Andrew Wilson, praised BioWare's efforts and noted the game's controversial user and critic reviews but said that fans still enjoyed it nonetheless. He then noted that they would be delaying "Dylan" so they could invest more time and effort into the project. He also intimated that EA's executive offices would be a bit more involved with production, which made it sound like the publisher would be peering over the shoulder of developers.

Some of the big problems that faced Andromeda were the rough launch featuring lots of glitches, bugs, and immersion-breaking elements due to facial and lighting issues. While BioWare has issued patches to fix some of the these problems, the first impressions really hampered the game's sales momentum and EA doesn't seem to want to invest much more in the game right now.

While a lot of gamers who played Mass Effect: Andromeda noted that there were plenty of loose threads in the story that set it up for a sequel, until EA confirms that BioWare is getting back to work on the game, we may not be seeing the Quarians in Andromeda anytime soon.

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