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Kerbal Space Program

Take-Two Interactive has been working on expanding their portfolio of games, and one of the games the studio has added to their stable is none other than the extremely popular Kerbal Space Program from the indie studio, Squad.

IGN is reporting that Take-Two issued a public statement letting gamers know that the popular sci-fi indie title that really took off with the gaming community -- and even the science community at large -- is now under their umbrella. The game joins other popular Take-Two IP such as Mafia, Grand Theft Auto, and BioShock.

The statement revealed that Take-Two plans on utilizing the Kerbal Space Program as a "long-term franchise". This official statement from the mega-publisher was followed up by Squad, the developers who make Kerbal Space Program, where the developer posted a message to their official website addressing the KSP community, in which the company said that the current development team won't be changing in light of the acquisition from Take-Two. In fact, the developers are going to continue to focus on their upcoming expansion pack for the game called Kerbal Space Program: Making History. The new DLC will also be free for anyone who originally backed and purchased the game back in April 2013.

Squad is also planning on releasing a free update for everyone who already owns the game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The updated version of the game for Microsoft and Sony's home consoles will be available digitally, and Squad mentions that the studio has been working with Blitworks to help get the updated console version done.

According to the post, Take-Two has actually been "knocking" at their door for a long time now attempting to acquire the highly popular, independently developed IP from Squad.

Take-Two doesn't go into any details as to what the company has planned for Kerbal Space Program, but I imagine it will likely want to tap into the audience that it captured since its beta went live back in 2014.

The game managed to achieve a lot of press and attention, especially in the development and science community. Why did it garner so much attention? Well, despite the game featuring cute little kerbals as the main characters of the game, the actual gameplay and physics mechanics are based on real-life orbital astrophysics. What this means is that it's simulating similar orbital calculations just like those at NASA. In fact, due to the physics properties of the game, some NASA scientists even built a scenario for the Kerbal Space Program, and gamers were quick to also replicate real-life NASA missions within the game, as outlined over on the official NASA website.

Other developers like Dean "Rocket" Hall also designed scenarios for Squad's game, and this kind of publicity helped spread the word about the quirky indie title where players attempt to build working space vessels and safely explore space without blowing up.

With the game now under Take-Two's control, the sky is the limit. The game has already proven to be hugely successful, moving more than 1.7 million copies on Steam alone, according to Steam Spy. Could this mean that Take-Two is planning on pushing the property even further? Could this be the casual version of Grand Theft Auto? Only time will tell.

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