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Life Is Strange

Key developers at Dontnod Entertainment recently revealed that they were working on a new Life is Strange game through a quick video announcement. A lot of people assumed it was a sequel. Well, it appears another Life is Strange game is in the works, but it might be a prequel.

According to Polygon, development studio Deck Nine Games, formerly known as Idol Minds, is possibly working on a new game in the time-traveling, teenage drama series. Polygon notes that there were concept images on Deck Nine Games' official website, but the images were quickly pulled down along with any information on the site after it was discovered by French gaming outlet, Gamekult.

The discovery eventually led to some of the concept images being posted up to an Imgur gallery.

Life is Strange - Chloe Concept

Some of the images contain concept art for this new Life is Strange entry, including a series of drawings of Chloe Price, the deuterogonist of the original five episode arc. However, you might not easily recognize her without the tattoos and full-on blue hair. Here we see she has sandy blondish-brown hair, and she's wearing a number of different outfits that seems to progress toward her look that she had in Dontnod's game. The final render shows her transition into her blue-dyed hair.

A more surprising image is one featuring what we can only assume to be the main character of this potential prequel: Rachel Amber.

Minor spoilers ahead: In the original Life is Strange Rachel was already missing when the game began. Most people presumed she was dead. This is actually what led Chloe and Max on their not-so-little adventure, as Chloe had fallen in love with Rachel and was determined to find out what happened to her after she went missing. In one of the images from the supposed prequel, we see Rachel confronting Chloe and two other men. One of the men has a foreign object in his right hand and his left hand on Chloe. It's an interesting predicament, for sure.

Life is Strange - Rachel Confronts Chloe

A couple of other images show Chloe and Rachel together at a lookout, as well as sharing an afternoon together while sitting in a train car.

In one particular image we see Chloe standing in front of an oncoming train. Based on her gait it appears as if she's completely out of it.

Some people in the comment section were curious how this could be a Life is Strange game without the Donnie Darko-style time manipulation? Well, the final image in the album seems to hint at the prequel getting a bit "strange" as Rachel and Chloe stand in front of a tree that catches fire; the embers blaze off the tree as if being pushed, and they set a few other trees in the background on fire as well.

Life is Strange - Burning Tree

Some people think that perhaps Rachel may have super powers as well, similar to Max. Given Rachel's unfortunate fate from the first season, most people are also expecting a heartbreaking ending. However, if time travel is involved, maybe something similar to Quantum Break will take place, the timeline can be altered and Rachel can be saved. This is all assuming that this is actually a prequel in development and not just concepts that Deck Nine Games was contracted by Dontnod to cook up. Hopefully we'll get more info or some extra hints at E3 2017.

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