Tracer opens fire in Overwatch

As part of the ongoing celebration of Overwatch's stranglehold on the multiplayer shooter arena over the past year, the team over at Blizzard has announced the game will host a double experience weekend.

A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard announced that it would be celebrating Overwatch's first birthday in a big way. To that end, they hosted a free weekend to bring new players into the fold, as well as offered a Game of the Year edition of Overwatch that boasted a bunch of in-game goodies, as well as various Overwatch-themed items in other Blizzard games. They announced that the celebration would keep on rolling for a few weeks and, this weekend, they're making good on that promise in the form of a double experience shindig.

Blizzard apparently takes very long weekends, which probably explains why everyone enjoys working there so much. This double experience weekend, for instance, runs from Thursday, June 8, through Monday, June 12. The event will be hosted across all platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Simply log in during that window and play the game's various modes to enjoy all kinds of different perks.

According to an announcement over on the game's blog, this bonus will apply to nearly every in-game source of XP over the four-day period, including time spent in a match, completing a match, completing consecutive matches, winning a match, backfilling a match in progress and earning medals. This special bonus will also stack with existing group bonuses and the like, so find a few friends to play with if you want to earn even more experience. The announcement goes on to explain that the only XP that will not be affected by the weekend's boost is the First Win of the Day bonus, which remains locked at 1500 XP.

In case you're wanting to get the absolute most out of these boosts, the event goes live across all regions and platforms at 5 p.m. PDT on Thursday and wraps up at 11:59 on Monday. The blog page has it broken down further into specific regions, in case you're bad at math or have trouble with the concept of time.

This is actually pretty great timing for a double XP weekend in Overwatch, or any game for that matter. We're about to kick off E3 week, which means this weekend celebration will take you straight through all of the press conference days. If you're getting antsy about this year's show, you can watch the hours fly by between presentations by simply logging in and playing more Overwatch. Come Tuesday, it's time for the full E3 show to kick off with more and more announcements being made throughout the day.

If, however, you're not quite feeling Overwatch, then maybe a game like Battleborn is more your cup of tea. While the developer is calling it an "indefinite free trial" of the game, it basically shifted over to a free-to-play model just yesterday. It gets compared to Overwatch quite a bit, but it's actually a pretty unique shooter with a similar flair. Either way, you shouldn't be found wanting for shooter fun over the next four days.

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