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One of the surprise trailers that managed to really capture the gaming audience and get gamers excited is the upcoming open-world action title from Reagent Games called Crackdown 3. The trailer kicked off with a hyped up introduction from actor Terry Crews.

The trailer starts with Crews talking about how gamers will need to up their boom, and get more aggressive with taking down bad guys in the city and utilizing all sorts of high-end weaponry to get the job done.

After a minute of getting hyped up by Terry Crews, the trailer then begins to move from the real-life actor talking about the game to showing the actual game itself.

We get a nice little flyover of the city in Crackdown 3 and then we begin to see some of the explosions and firepower on display. We see the four playable Agents in their enhanced suits running and jumping off the top of the building, and then landing on the streets.

The jumping is directly taken from the first two Crackdown games, where players start off normal but then as they begin to utilize their skills and fight through the crime, it's possible to increase the abilities and powers. This is something that Crews briefly talks about during the minute long intro to the trailer. As players level up their agility and strength they can jump higher, run faster and punch harder.

You can use the upgraded strength to pull off neat feats as showcased in the trailer, where the Agents pick up some of the nearby objects and then use them as weapons against the enemies.

In the previous Crackdown titles you were able to pick up giant construction items, or tools, or dumpsters, or even cars and trucks and lob them at enemies. To add on to this, the game allowed you to then quickly switch to a rocket launcher and blow up the vehicle after lobbing it into a gang of enemies.

The trailer also gives us a bit of a look at the various weapons players will be able to pick up and use. A collage of sequences where the various weapons are on display take up a few seconds before we get to see some of the explosive capabilities of the more destructive arsenal that will be at the player's disposal.

Strangely, the game's trademark physics-based destruction isn't showcased quite as much as some gamers were expecting. Also, they didn't show off any of the vehicular gameplay, which was kind of odd.

Maybe Reagent wanted to avoid the game looking too much like Agents of Mayhem, which is due out this August? Anyway, you can look for Crackdown 3 to launch on the Xbox One, Windows 10 and for the Xbox One X starting November 7th this fall. According to the Xbox website, Crackdown 3 is also one of the few games that supports Xbox Play Anywhere.

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