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It's been months since Final Fantasy XV released, but Square Enix is committed to releasing new DLC for the game. The latest expansion for the mammoth-sized JRPG focuses on the frail but determined Prompto, and the trailer for his story DLC is filled with machine guns and snowmobiles.

The trailer was originally part of Square Enix's E3 offerings at its booth in the Los Angeles Convention Center last week, but for those who didn't attend E3 in California, Square let loose the Prompto trailer over on the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel.

The trailer clocks in at a very breezy two and a half minutes. It starts with the June 27th release for the upcoming DLC and then briefly recaps a moment during the story that led to Prompto getting separated from the rest of the boy band.

Prompto gets some winter weather gear and we see him in a facility where Ardyn explains that the Magitek facility is actually Prompto's "home".

This further dives into a subplot that was introduced but never properly resolved in the main Final Fantasy XV story. Obvious Spoilers Ahead: Near the end of the game in the dreaded Chapter 13, it was revealed that Prompto was made in a lab, and that he actually managed to get out of Niflheim and live as an orphan in Insomnia.

Players get to dive further into Prompto's backstory by exploring the Magitek facility and using a bit of stealth, melee combat and a wide variety of military-grade projectile weapons to take down the soldiers.

It also appears as if some of the villains who didn't get much screen time in the main Final Fantasy XV story will finally get a chance to shine in Prompto's story. Throughout the entire trailer we get to see Prompto wielding machine guns, shooting down lots of enemies who are chasing him, as well as picking up a rocket launcher and blowing some of the baddies to smithereens.

Prompto has some minor melee capabilities that we see on display, but it's obviously nothing close to Noctis or Gladiolus.

The trailer almost looks like it's a completely different game. Prompto takes to the snow using a snowmobile, riding down a mountainside and shooting at enemies as if he's a Final Fantasy James Bond, and he even gets a little bit of help from another character along the way.

Technically, if you didn't know that Final Fantasy XV was a thing you would likely be inclined to think that Prompto's DLC mission is a completely separate third-person shooter game where you fight giant bosses and travel through snowy wastelands.

The comment section was quick to joke that it looked like Metal Gear Solid. It's kind of hard not to see the influence. You can look for the new DLC to launch next week for the Xbox One and PS4.

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