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In the mood for a summer splurge? Good, because Steam is gearing up for its annual Summer Sale and, according to a kinda bizarre source, we won't have to wait much longer to get the goods. Get ready to start saving on oodles of games tomorrow, June 22.

We knew that the Steam Summer Sale was coming and, thanks to a potential leak on Reddit last month, we even had a hunch that the start date would be pretty soon. We weren't exactly expecting tomorrow, though.

But, once again, the Twitter account for PayPal UK has let the cat out of the bag, recently tweeting that the Steam Summer Sale will go live tomorrow, June 22, beginning at 1 p.m. ET. And speaking of that Tweet, if you happen to be a U.K. customer, you can enjoy £5 off of a purchase of £20 or more so long as you're shopping through PayPal. There doesn't appear to be a similar promotion for other regions as of this writing.

Keep in mind that while we referenced saving some money through the Steam Summer Sale above, that only applies if you practice some self-restraint. Getting a few big games for $5 each is definitely a way to save some money. Going crazy and purchasing 37 games for $5 is a good way to punch your bank account where it hurts.

Still, it's kind of hard not to get excited about these seasonal events on Steam. The prices are sometimes bafflingly low and, considering how great a year we had in gaming, there will likely be some fantastic titles up for grabs for equally fantastic discounts. From Doom and XCOM 2 to Dark Souls III, Battlefield 1, Dishonored 2 and beyond, there's no telling what games will be up for grabs for a fraction of the usual asking price. Throw in great indies like Firewatch and Stardew Valley, and there's likely to be a little something for everyone. Of course, those are just some of the games we expect to see in the Steam sale, as nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Heck, outside of confirming that the Summer Sale actually goes live tomorrow, Steam has been surprisingly quiet about the whole affair.

We're also curious what form this year's crop of summer discounts will take. They usually feature a few titles on discount across the entire affair with a bunch of additional games rotating in on a daily basis but, again, Steam has given us nothing to go on just yet.

To that end, what games are you hoping to see pop up during the Steam Summer Sale? Are your finances in order for tomorrow's big kick-off? Are you the type of person to simply buy a couple of games and call it a successful sale or do you plan your entire year of gaming around big events like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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