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A firefight unfolds in Lawbreakers

LawBreakers may still be a month out from its full launch but, as of today, absolutely anyone can take the game for a spin on the PC with the arrival of an open beta. Get ready to break the law.

Coming from industry legend cliff Bleszinski and his studio at Boss Key productions, we've been following LawBreakers for quite some time now. The game had a very long alpha phase and, throughout last year, plenty of beta tests on the PC unfolded.

Now everyone with a PC can get in on the fun, with the beta opening up between now and July 5. Once that window closes, you'll only have about four weeks to wait until LawBreakers hits full launch come Aug. 8. Since the PlayStation 4 version of the game was announced just before E3 and plenty of folks got to get their hands on that build during the big show, we're keeping our eye out for a potential beta on that platform in the coming weeks, too. To be clear, nothing has been confirmed at this point, it just seems like the next logical step in this process.

While everything will be new to folks only just now getting in on the open beta, longtime players will have a new map, "Vertigo," and a new mode "Uplink" to keep them busy. The map is set in the Sierra Nevada mountains, according to a report from Gamespot, in a reconnaissance outpost. As for the mode, players will battle over an uplink at the center of the map and work to deliver it to their own team's base.

If I'm not mistaken, this is the mode I got my hands on with the PS4 build during E3 a few weeks back and I was a really big fan. It's easy to look at LawBreaker and compare it to other popular arena shooters like Overwatch or Paladins. But as the Boss Key team has reiterated time and time again, this game is about shooting skill first and abilities second. Sure, each class has abilities that can help them and their players out on the battlefield, but they're not defined by it. In an open shootout, anyone can go toe to toe with anyone. Oh, and then there are those cool gravity-defying mechanics that give LawBreakers its name.

But rather than take my word for it, you can always boot up your PC this weekend and try out the beta for yourself. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

As a reminder, both the PC and PS4 versions of LawBreakers are arriving on the same day for $30 each. That's a pretty sweet price point and will grant access to all characters and modes currently available and coming in the future. As Bleszinski himself has stated, the team went this route over free-to-play in order to keep the field completely even. The only thing that will tip the scales in LawBreakers is player skill.

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