Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

Sit down, strap in, grab hold tight, and try not to blink. You're in for a bumpy ride with a lot of twists and turns. You may (or may not) have heard about rumors about DLC coming for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Well, BioWare finally chimed in, along with EA, and it shut down some rumors regarding the DLC all while leaving gamers with plenty of questions.

IGN has compiled all of the craziness so far and attempts to walk gamers through the chaos surrounding the DLC stories for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Recently BioWare and EA denied the rumors relating to Andromeda's DLC being canceled. Of course, for a lot of people this didn't make a lot of sense because no DLC was ever announced.

If you rewind back a bit there was a story circulating based on a Facebook post from a company called Sinclair Networks. The company claimed that it had been contracted by Electronic Arts to work on DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda but then was no longer scheduled to work on three pieces of DLC planned for the game after Electronic Arts announced that it would be putting the Mass Effect franchise on "hiatus".

According to IGN, an Electronics Arts representative explained that the company has never worked with Sinclair Networks and was not collaborating with it on Mass Effect: Andromeda's development. Obviously, this sent a line of confusion through the gaming community because why would a random company no one has ever heard of announce on Facebook that it was no longer working on content that the publisher claims it was never contracted to work on in the first place?

Well, this news was followed by BioWare developers chiming in online about how they have never heard of Sinclair Networks and weren't working with it on any content for the sci-fi, action-RPG. Producer Fernando Melo claimed that BioWare doesn't hire "fake companies".

However, despite shutting down the rumors, more news popped up from insiders currently working at BioWare who told Kotaku that the DLC plans were scrapped. These insider remarks were supposedly separate from anything to do with the Sinclair Networks claims, so it's possible that both statements are true from BioWare's internal teams: perhaps it was never working with Sinclair Networks, but also that there is no DLC in the works either.

Electronic Arts has been working overtime in being coy about the actual future of Mass Effect. While the CEO, Andrew Wilson, spoke lovingly about the franchise to investors and shareholders, the reality is that there has been no word on anything dealing with the future of the franchise.

Instead, when IGN attempted to reach out to confirm what was and what wasn't true about the story, and whether or not actual downloadable content was in development for Mass Effect: Andromeda, Electronic Arts only had to share with the media outlet that there was nothing to announce for the moment regarding Mass Effect.

This bizarre story probably doesn't bode well for fans of the space epic, but some gamers are still holding out hope that maybe some new DLC will arrive.

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